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Wednesday, August 31

Photo Entry for Certified Foodies

I just hoped that I'm still eligible or not late to join this.

Okay so here's my entry for the Photo of Certified Foodies.  Just don't know yet if Daddy Yashiro will qualify on this.  So, the story goes...

The photo was taken recently with the cooking event that we have attended.  I was delighted that one of the menu for that night was one of my favorite dish.   Well, not actually the dish but the penne which was one of the different kinds of pasta.  During that night the recipe was called Cherry Tomato and Eggplant Ragu Penne,  I find it enticing to eat with the fact that it is a pasta adds up the GUSTO to instantly taste it.

Ever since, I've always love pasta.  It's my favorite!  Whenever my mother cooks during special occasions there's always a pasta dish on her list of menu.   I really don't why and how I was able to get hooked with pasta but perhaps I just love how it can easily be mixed with different sauces and flavors.  You can have it sweet, you can have it a bit salty, or you can have it spicy.  The flexibility and adaptability of the pasta makes it great for all occasions.

How about you what's your favorite dish?

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