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Thursday, August 4

Relatives in Hawaii

Recently my family was able to get in touch and connected with our relatives in Hawaii. We were so happy that though we’re far apart from each other we were able to get connection through the internet. It’s really one of the great inventions of mankind. Making the world a little bit smaller for everyone to greet and say hi though they were miles away from each other. Things on their side of the world are quite different from ours so exchanging thoughts and ideas are well and good for both of our families.

I haven’t known yet on which part of Hawaii they are residing, maybe a few more months and a few more chat I would know more about them. Actually most of them are already my grandma but they would rather be called Aunts and Uncles. Worst the teens who are younger than me are supposed to be my Uncles and Aunt. Whew talk about bloodlines. I’m not really sure but one of their family members was involve in an accident. I don’t know if this Honolulu Personal Injury will apply to them or they already know this. For now I don't know much about their side of the world perhaps more intimate chat and conversation with them would make us more connected.
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