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Friday, September 2

Angry Bird Craze

After the unusual hit of the Plants vs. Zombies, here's another game that is already roaming around the planet and making everybody go crazy playing with it.  It's the Angry Bird!  At first, it only started as a game application in some of the high tech phones.  It was only enjoyed and played by those who have this kind of  phones.  It's a game to kill time or when the talk is so boring that they would not want to listen.

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Now that Angry Bird is available almost in every gadget people do enjoyed it a lot.  Some created numbers of stuff toys of the said game and some of them do even crazier things with the Angry Bird game.

For the Kids I'm sure they enjoyed playing with it.  It's teaching kids to do trajectory and calculations.  The most important of all is that they are having fun whenever they play it.  Parents, just make sure to teach the kids when to play and not to play.  With this, they will be disciplined in a proper manner and also to avoid kids being hooked too much on computer games.
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