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Monday, September 26

Arts and Museum Events: Zero In

I never thought that I would be enticed to try and check the museum or gallery again after reading the article about Zero In: Open Call. Arts have really reached different boundaries of time and different cultures. They have also come in different forms and innovations. Some were experimental in their visual presentation and some are still traditional.

An example of my art work.

I remember during my college days I was one of those art enthusiasts who would go to art galleries and museums just to look at what’s new on their walls. Aside from visiting I was also very much eager in joining art and painting contest. I did join some of the prestigious art competition but wasn’t lucky enough to be part of the semi-finalists, but at least I have shared my thoughts through my art. Arts have been my company, it has helped me exhale my thoughts, my joy and my grief. Yes, I’m also an artist!

An example of my art work.
Perhaps it’s about time that I should experience visiting the museums and galleries again, but this time together with family. This time would be more fun and merrier. I just hope that my son would appreciate the beauty of arts.

It was just too bad that I missed the Zero In: Open Call in SM Mall of Asia. It’s an art festival of different museums confined in a big place to celebrate culture and arts. This is the 10th year of Zero In’s art celebration. Aside from the exhibition in SM Mall of Asia there were also a parallel exhibit going on in each of the museums. I think I could still visit some of those exhibitions if I get some time for a day-off.

Museums that also runs exhibits are the Lopez Museum with their Reverb Exhibition which is a performances and sound/media art installations that runs from September 12, 2011 to April 2012. The QR Codes is quite intriguing because it’s more of a collaboration of sound, technology and art. Here’s a video of Reverb Exhibit courtesy of LivingMajourney.

There is also an interactive food themed-game at the Ateneo Art Gallery which is part of their permanent collection called the Tender Blender’s Crafty Critters Munch-Up.

Ateneo Crafty Critters Munch Up game
Image from Ms. Janette Toral's Flickr
If you like Manga (not the mango in Filipino) well you’d better visit the Ayala Museum for their exhibition Manga Realities: Exploring the Art of Japanese Comics Today which will run until October 2, 2011.

Another exhibit that will push through until October 10, 2011 was the exhibit in Bahay Tsinoy that is all about Con Cabrera’s Visual Arts entitled “Kasama”.

Here’s also an exhibition at the Museo Pambata with the National Artist for Dance Ramon Obusan’s Memorabilia which will run until October 6, 2011.

Sayaw! Batang RO or Batang Ramon Obusan 1
Image from Ms. Janette Toral's Flicker

Whew! I think still got a few more days to visit them. So if you’re a visual arts enthusiasts perhaps you can drop by in any of these museums and rekindling with the artistic in you.
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