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Saturday, September 10

Featured Blog: Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness

Our featured blog for today is Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness.  I have known this blog a few years ago and it was through the community of a blog advertisement network called Adgitize.

At first, I always refer to this blog as its titled the Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness, I never thought that those capitalized letters does have a meaning.  When I carefully looked at it, it does have and it spells B-L-O-G.  Clever name for a blog.

The author this blog according to his "About Me" Section tells that his a health care provider and practitioner who loves to write and be a safety advocate.

It's true the author is an advocate of safety because reading most of his post and surfing through some of his old post were pertaining to safety.  Perhaps he wanted everyone to be on the safety side.  He even shares some of his thoughts about it.  It's a good blog site for good vibes.

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