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Saturday, October 29

Daddy Day Care: Daddy Out Of Town

It's Saturday and Daddy is out of town today.  There's no Daddy Day Care time.  No bonding time, no playing, and no giggly stuff with my little ones.  Hay can't wait to go home already.  Daddy needs to do some stuff and hopefully we get to be noticed on this one.  I'm missing my babies already.

Since our children came the longest day that I'm not in the house only two to three days but this time it's more than three days (I think).  So maybe by the time I got home I want to have some with them.

Friday, October 28

A Fort For Children

Ha! Ha! Another cool stocking and connecting toys to have together with the kids.  I remember my son Maki uses the connectable rubber mats in creating boxes and house like figures perhaps this would be great.  I'm sure he will have lots of fun building and connecting these panels.

Another want to have for my kids.  I just don't know where will I put if ever I would get one.  Anyway there's plenty of space in their Grandma's area.

For those who would want to have this check out the site or go to  According to their site it cost a $119.95.

Thursday, October 27

Foods That Are No No For Babies

The baby in house had turned 5 months old already.  His already giggling, laughing and responding to our little wiggly and cutey acts.  Yes, Dad needs to be wiggle and cutey in front of the baby and aside from that it is also better to communicate with them.  A small conversation as if you were talking to a kid.  They easily respond if you try that.  You'll be surprised to their reactions.

Aside from the giggly talks, we are also planning and researching, still, on what is the best food that should be given to babies.  So again, our learning as parent doesn't stop because Mommy and I need to know more what is the best for our kids.

As I was reading my number one source of information about babies and kids, the, I manage to see an article about the worst food for the babies.  So meaning this foods are a big no no for the babies.  See the article Five Worst Food for the Babies.  The article is a new learning for me.  One line in the article is, "The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that babies younger than 6 months drink nothing but breast milk or formula.  Babies 6 to 12 months old can have small amounts of water, but breast milk or formula should still be their main beverage."

Reading through it describes the Five Worst Food for Babies.  So what are these?  Well, one is the SODA which is obvious that it is not good for babies and all that babies will get are sugar and acids; second is the JUICE which I'm sure why they include this one but as I continue reading it explains that apple or pear juice's sugars only makes food passes quickly leaving the body not to absorb the nutrients of the food; third is the CRACKERS which does not really provide a healthy nutrition; fourth is the PROCESSED MEALS well it says it already processed meaning it gone through a stage that the life span of the meal will be prolonged and sodium are not good for babies health; and the last one is the GELATIN DESSERTS, I thought gelatins are good but according to the article it only provides sugar, artificial color and artificial flavoring which is not good for the babies.  To top it all these five foods are not good for babies.

  • Soda
  • Juice
  • Crackers
  • Processed Meals
  • Gelatin Desserts

So now I know which food I should avoid for our youngest son.  I hope I have shared it also to other parents as well.  To know which foods are best for the babies watch out for the next blog post in which we will enumerate them here.

A note to all Dads since we often buy presents or "pasalubong" for our kids always look and read the labels and ingredients of the food, especially the expiration dates.  It is better to be safe!

A Spooktacular Halloween at Music Museum

Hi Moms and Dads head on to this spooky and fun Halloween getaway for kids and kids-at-heart is in store at Music Museum’s Halloween Trick or Treat on Saturday, October 29 at the Promenade Foodcourt.
With a superhero-themed Halloween special, kids aged 1-12 are welcome to participate in this exciting Halloween treat. (But you can wear any Halloween costume or look that you like.)
Lots of candies and prizes are in store for children with the best costumes.
Registration starts at 12:30PM at the Promenade Foodcourt. The Trick or Treat around MMGI stores will start at 1PM. Games and contests will follow after the Trick or Treat at 4PM.

Tuesday, October 25

2nd Blogger's Fiesta

Image Credit to the owner
Fiesta has been a long time tradition of the Filipinos.  Fiesta has been a term for every barangays celebration of events such as or mainly their Patron Saints, Anniversary of the Town, or the Thanksgiving for having a good harvest.

 Since this kind of Fiesta is quite different the only reason that it is celebrated is because of the birth of the online or the virtual world.  This is the Bloggers Fiesta.

This is my first time to participate and enjoy a Bloggers Fiesta.   Though there were a lot of occasions that I met a lot of bloggers still there are others and new faces that I have seen during the Bloggers Fiesta, perhaps that’s their first time also.   Thanks to Azrael for his persistent to have a Bloggers Fiesta even though others participants from different countries last years were not able to have their own event.

It is always enlightening that there are talks though it was small talks a lot of bloggers learn from it.  In my case I learned a lot from it even it is not half percent of it still, the knowledge have been shared. 

Again thanks to the organizers of Bloggers Fiesta and I hope that next year it will be great again and more participants. 

Tuesday, October 18

Tracfone for Seniors This October

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Most people are still looking for the best communication company that offers a very least expensive cell phone bill. People do this to have their monthly budget stretched as far as it can extend. For moms it is really a must to have their budget stretched and they would always prefer grocery budget rather than the communication or cell phone bill. That’s why moms always try to find the best and Senior Value among cell phone communication companies.

In our case, our parents are already old and I’m sure if ever they would be approved of the visas I’m sure they would not be able to bear the long hours of travel, so what they need is a better communication with our relatives in the US. I know a lot of my aunts and uncle in the US would definitely want to have something that will give true value of their time and money especially if they are calling my parents. Clear reception is the number factor that seniors would definitely let them choose a cell phone company. Old ones are sometimes having hard time hearing people on the other end of the line so better reception is really good for them.

This October Tracfone is one of the cell phone companies that is right to Get into Everywhereness. Cost very little to keep the whole family in touch, no contracts, no credit checks, no activation charges or cancellation fees, no surprise charges, great nationwide coverage, and of the best is that it got brand new phones to choose from. Brands like Motorola, Kyocera, LG, Nokia and Samsung. They also got a variety of phones to choose from simple “Candy Bar” phones, to Bluetooth-enabled “Smart” phones.


Some of the best part of this is that is has a monthly plans with 200 minutes for under $30.00 and as low as $9.99 for 50 minutes, it also got international call for the same price as any other call and with no extra cost in which I’m sure my parents and our relatives would definitely enjoy talking over the phone.

Get into Everywhereness

Visit Sponsor's Site

Monday, October 17

Monday Rush: Returning On The Track

I have been away from my usual track on one of my blogs.  The schedules have been a mess and some of which I really forgot to post.  It was chaotic during that time. 

So right now, I’m trying to regain my focus again and perhaps with a little bit of a boost from my inspiration, my wife and my sons, will put me back right on the track.  Joggling offline work and online jobs are really something that requires a proper time management. 

I just pray that I could finish some of the tasks that have been long overdue.  To those whom I haven’t submitted or informed or created the things that ought to be please forgive me and I do hope that everything will be good then.  I’m taking the right track again, no more other vibes, just a plain and focus.

To start with I’ll be posting the featured blogs these coming days.

Friday, October 14

Off to Calamba

This we are off to Calamba, Laguna today for a one night and two days reunion on my wife's family side. It was a planned reunion and it was sponsored by two of her cousins.

Together with our two sons we pray for a safe journey and guidance as we stroll portion of Calamba, Laguna.

Rest of the story after....

My Kids Are Growing

Last night, I let my son sat beside me and watched me as I create designs for a certain contest.  He was waiting for his turn to use the computer.  Yes, he was eagerly and patiently waiting!  Of course I let him use the computer and play some games for a few minutes then we went to bed.

It was bothering sometimes that my son turning 4 already knows how to click and use the computer.  Good thing that I taught him to use a certain browser whenever he wants to play or watch videos on the internet.  Some of his learning with the alphabet and the sounds of the letters were aided by the computer. 

My sons are really growing up fast and we’re already feeling the weight of striving hard to provide them what they need.  Though sometimes err most of the times we couldn’t really give them everything that they need.  To my eldest son whenever he sees something that he like, be it a toy or some food, I honestly tell him if we can afford it or not.  I let him know our situation and I make sure that he would realize it.  According to some experts, in which I read in some of the articles in, letting your kids know your financial status makes them know and feel that they are part of the family.  Part of the problem solver.  They also learn to value whatever things that are given to them.

I was thankful that my eldest son knows already our situation and he understand it whenever I explained why we cannot buy those things.  He would just reply to me “Daddy you buy it if you have money already. Ha!?”  It’s really heart breaking whenever he would ask for something that we cannot instantly provide.  Still, I know God is good and He provides everything in His own time.

Another thing to be thankful to God is my youngest son.  From being a pre-mature baby, who only weighs a little more than a kilo, is now a very healthy baby.  His weight and his health are doing well.   He’s really growing so fast.   Next thing I knew I got boys running around the house actively.  I just pray that mommy could bear their hyperactivity. 

Tuesday, October 11

Featured Blog: My Online Journeys

We are featuring today is the My Online Journeys.  Quite interesting because she's blogging about her journey in the internet.  

So, was the author of this blog?  Well according to her "It's all about me" page her name is Sunshine and her aim is to share bits and pieces of her journey through the internet and through life.   She works as a freelance writer and a struggling virtual assistant.  According to her, she considers blogging as the thin line that separates her form sanity and insanity.  It is her outlet.

So what does she blog about?  She has a lot of blogs so perhaps mainly she talks about her life, her interests, and her passion.  
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