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Tuesday, October 25

2nd Blogger's Fiesta

Image Credit to the owner
Fiesta has been a long time tradition of the Filipinos.  Fiesta has been a term for every barangays celebration of events such as or mainly their Patron Saints, Anniversary of the Town, or the Thanksgiving for having a good harvest.

 Since this kind of Fiesta is quite different the only reason that it is celebrated is because of the birth of the online or the virtual world.  This is the Bloggers Fiesta.

This is my first time to participate and enjoy a Bloggers Fiesta.   Though there were a lot of occasions that I met a lot of bloggers still there are others and new faces that I have seen during the Bloggers Fiesta, perhaps that’s their first time also.   Thanks to Azrael for his persistent to have a Bloggers Fiesta even though others participants from different countries last years were not able to have their own event.

It is always enlightening that there are talks though it was small talks a lot of bloggers learn from it.  In my case I learned a lot from it even it is not half percent of it still, the knowledge have been shared. 

Again thanks to the organizers of Bloggers Fiesta and I hope that next year it will be great again and more participants. 
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