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Thursday, October 27

Foods That Are No No For Babies

The baby in house had turned 5 months old already.  His already giggling, laughing and responding to our little wiggly and cutey acts.  Yes, Dad needs to be wiggle and cutey in front of the baby and aside from that it is also better to communicate with them.  A small conversation as if you were talking to a kid.  They easily respond if you try that.  You'll be surprised to their reactions.

Aside from the giggly talks, we are also planning and researching, still, on what is the best food that should be given to babies.  So again, our learning as parent doesn't stop because Mommy and I need to know more what is the best for our kids.

As I was reading my number one source of information about babies and kids, the, I manage to see an article about the worst food for the babies.  So meaning this foods are a big no no for the babies.  See the article Five Worst Food for the Babies.  The article is a new learning for me.  One line in the article is, "The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that babies younger than 6 months drink nothing but breast milk or formula.  Babies 6 to 12 months old can have small amounts of water, but breast milk or formula should still be their main beverage."

Reading through it describes the Five Worst Food for Babies.  So what are these?  Well, one is the SODA which is obvious that it is not good for babies and all that babies will get are sugar and acids; second is the JUICE which I'm sure why they include this one but as I continue reading it explains that apple or pear juice's sugars only makes food passes quickly leaving the body not to absorb the nutrients of the food; third is the CRACKERS which does not really provide a healthy nutrition; fourth is the PROCESSED MEALS well it says it already processed meaning it gone through a stage that the life span of the meal will be prolonged and sodium are not good for babies health; and the last one is the GELATIN DESSERTS, I thought gelatins are good but according to the article it only provides sugar, artificial color and artificial flavoring which is not good for the babies.  To top it all these five foods are not good for babies.

  • Soda
  • Juice
  • Crackers
  • Processed Meals
  • Gelatin Desserts

So now I know which food I should avoid for our youngest son.  I hope I have shared it also to other parents as well.  To know which foods are best for the babies watch out for the next blog post in which we will enumerate them here.

A note to all Dads since we often buy presents or "pasalubong" for our kids always look and read the labels and ingredients of the food, especially the expiration dates.  It is better to be safe!

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