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Friday, October 14

My Kids Are Growing

Last night, I let my son sat beside me and watched me as I create designs for a certain contest.  He was waiting for his turn to use the computer.  Yes, he was eagerly and patiently waiting!  Of course I let him use the computer and play some games for a few minutes then we went to bed.

It was bothering sometimes that my son turning 4 already knows how to click and use the computer.  Good thing that I taught him to use a certain browser whenever he wants to play or watch videos on the internet.  Some of his learning with the alphabet and the sounds of the letters were aided by the computer. 

My sons are really growing up fast and we’re already feeling the weight of striving hard to provide them what they need.  Though sometimes err most of the times we couldn’t really give them everything that they need.  To my eldest son whenever he sees something that he like, be it a toy or some food, I honestly tell him if we can afford it or not.  I let him know our situation and I make sure that he would realize it.  According to some experts, in which I read in some of the articles in, letting your kids know your financial status makes them know and feel that they are part of the family.  Part of the problem solver.  They also learn to value whatever things that are given to them.

I was thankful that my eldest son knows already our situation and he understand it whenever I explained why we cannot buy those things.  He would just reply to me “Daddy you buy it if you have money already. Ha!?”  It’s really heart breaking whenever he would ask for something that we cannot instantly provide.  Still, I know God is good and He provides everything in His own time.

Another thing to be thankful to God is my youngest son.  From being a pre-mature baby, who only weighs a little more than a kilo, is now a very healthy baby.  His weight and his health are doing well.   He’s really growing so fast.   Next thing I knew I got boys running around the house actively.  I just pray that mommy could bear their hyperactivity. 
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