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Saturday, November 19

Daddy Day Care: Half half half!

My activity today is half half and half.  The first part of the day was spent together with my kids. They woke up early and since Mommy went to office, the first hours of the morning is for all of us.  Tita Felisa didn't arrived early that's why.

When Felisa arrived I get a chance to do one blog post about the launching event of an indie band and since I'm only using my sister's laptop, I need to finish the post immediately.   They'll be using the laptop after lunch.  Whew!  What a rush!  And take note we have a lunch time appointment with the stars (hehehe).

After finishing the post I hurriedly took a bath, put on clothes, say see you later to our kids, and went off to meet with my wife.

We arrived at the venue, meet and greet with the other bloggers, and had lunch.   It was the Press Conference of the movie "Won't Last a Day Without You" of Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson.  The event ended around past 2 pm I think and we went home.

It was tiring so I took a rest and a nap to at least energize my body.  When I woke up my role as a Dad continues, I do the laundry of the kids clothes.  Whew!  Good thing I take a rest.

It was a day for me!  At least I have washed the kids' clothes.

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