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Friday, November 18

Dad's URBAN Reason To Win Radii Shoes


On the street, it's not about what you've got, but what you can do with what you have

Inspired by the raw originality of the street is a store that brings modern urban lifestyle to the forefront: urbanAthletics.

urbanAthletics bravely combines athleticism with urban fashion.

As new fashion forms broke out across the globe, we saw how sportswear evolved into streetwear, and vice versa. This fashion phenomenon led us to bring together elements from skateboarding, parkour, music, street culture and everything in between to allow every urban hipster invest new styles and make a statement on the streets.....

So this is my reason why should Urban Athletics choose me to have a new pair of Radii Shoes and of course that's for being a Dad.

Under certain circumstances I live in an urban area and shoes are necessary.
Reality check, I need a pair of shoes that will not only give comfort as I go around the urban but of course it should have a brand of a life style as I enjoy Pinoy Urban Music.
Basically, Dads does not only do work and babysitting, we also mingle and live around the metro, we do fashion as well.
Athletes are not the only ones who needs comfort for their feet, Dads does need it also and Urban Athletics provide a lot of shoes to choose from.
Naturally, Dads are more effective model of the brand, we can be hip, we can be cool, we can be athletic, casual or rugged.  We are the new breed of models.

Now, are you convince enough to choose me or do I have to spell out ATHLETICS!

Now, everyone still have a chance to join and win a new pair of Radii shoes just drop by at and read the mechanics.

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