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Tuesday, November 15

The Danger of Escalator

While browsing my Facebook account for some updates from friends and other people, one of my friend shared a photo of an incident which parents should not take for granted.    I remember also one incident that happened in one of the malls and fortunately they were able to remove the shoes first before it reach the end of the escalator.  Yes it was an incident in an escalator.  

Most of us think that escalators are very much safe but what we don't know is that one single lace or any part of our clothing pinch in to the openings will eventually eat it up and the next thing we know we're caught in it.  It may be severe or it may be mild.  

Like what happened to this kid's foot which was caught in the side part of the escalator.  Though the kid was with her parents accident occurred.  

The picture of the incident circulating in networking sites.
Maybe this should be a precaution to all us, parents, when going to the malls and riding on the escalators.  Don't let the kids play on the side part or any part of the escalator.  We parents should as much as possible keep our kids safe.  Accidents happen any time and any where so let's all better be safe.  

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