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Friday, November 18

Friday Toys: Strumdrumano

I really missed posting toys for kids during Fridays.  I think I have been off from writing blog post about toys for more than a month already.  Though I was able to write some still it is not regular.  I'm sure a lot of Moms and Dads out there are reading some of my posts especially this part because I'm sure they are wondering what's good and what's in for their kids.  So now I'm back and I pray that I will be posting more toy reviews for the kids and kids-at-heart.

For this Friday we will be reviewing about this musical toy called Strumdrumano.  Since my elder kid is already learning to play some instrument I might as well review one like this.  

Strumdrumano is a mix of three musical instruments, a guitar, a drum and a piano.  Strum is for the guitar, the drum is for drum set, and the ano is for the suffix of the piano.  Mix them all you got Strumdrumano.  Though the whole set is in the form of a guitar the other two instruments can be located at the other side of the guitar, as you can see in the picture above.

Simple but it can be a start up learning for kids who wants to be inclined to music.  A single strum, a little stomp and a point of a finger can start a musical.  

This toy is powered by four AA batteries but it is much better and recommended to buy four rechargeable batteries to avoid too much expense on buying batteries.  Of course lets be environment-friendly.

This cool musical instrument cost about $69.95.  You can check it out on this site Strumdrumano.

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