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Tuesday, November 15

SOYAMI... The Healthy Way!

Ever since I was diagnosed with kidney stones and undergone treatment, eating chips and other snacks has been my number one problem.  Before it was my pass time.  I eat different chips and snack foods. It was good and fulfilling eating those alternative snacks.  Of course I know it's not that healthy but hey it taste good.  Then the day come and I was brought to the doctor.   The doctor advised me to keep off from salty foods which means chips are off already.

It was really hard keeping myself from eating any chips and other snack food.  I was off with it for nearly a year.  I tell it was really hard not giving into temptation of the food.  It was a struggle!  If you were watching those movies of addicts getting off with the dopes, it was almost like that but good thing it was just chips.

When I heard about this new snacks I was thrilled to have it.  So to enjoy my cravings for chips and of course enjoying it without the guilt I looked for it in a grocery store.  Good thing that it was already available in some small grocery stores.  So I get one and tried it for myself.

I opened one small pack of SOYAMI original flavor!  Tasted it! Boom it was just right for my taste.  No msg and the taste is not too salty.  Good for my snacking time!  I greatly recommend it to others, especially to those who have been diagnose with kidney or cholesterol problems.  It is indeed a healthy way to snack around.  It's SOYAMI!

Visit their site for some more details

1 comment:

  1. Wow! I really love Soyami... :)

    Great post... I love it!

    This is extended guys. Thanks for joining.... :) Goodluck and God bless...


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