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Sunday, November 20

Sunday Service: At Last We Are Back

Yes!  We are back in attending church every Sunday.  For quite some time we have been out in the realm of Church during Sundays.  There's no valid reason for not attending Church.

Still We are thankful for the blessings.  It is indeed that God provides not as what we wanted it but in His own way, time and place.

Another thing we are thankful is that our son, Maki has joined the junior worship and was able to mingle with the other kids.  We asked him if his going to join next Sunday, he joyfully answered "yes mommy and daddy!"  Thank God!

We will be sharing again Good News from the Lord and some of the Sunday Service Messages.   Maybe we will also be capturing it in video and sharing it here on this blog.  For now our PC is down though it is down we are still able to update some of our blogs (like this post) and facebook accounts with my sister's laptop.  We're just borrowing it!  I pray to God for a brand new desktop computer that we will be using not only as a source of income but a way to spread God's power.

Our pastor said that when praying for something be specific so I'll be praying A BRAND NEW ASUS DESKTOP PC (Quadcore) Newest model and also I'm praying for a laptop for my wife an ASUS Laptop.

God knows all our needs and all we need is to ask and be specific!  Thank God for everything!

Watch out for next Sunday's Service Message!
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