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Sunday, December 18

Crisis In Different Faces

Its been almost a month or a month already since I made my last post here in my life and parenting blog.  Daddy Yashiro has been into some part of a life where the needs and opportunities have been very limited.  Yes, our family is in crisis.  Whatever the crisis we are facing right now are just some of its many faces.

You may have seen me laughing and grinning on every jokes but it is just the facade of everything to hide what is the real situation.   I'm not writing this now to let everyone know the situation but be an inspiration to those who are struggling and experiencing the different faces of crisis. 

Yes, there were times that we are counting every single coins that we have in our pocket.   The saying "hindi mabubuo ang piso kung walang bentesingko!" (A peso will not be complete without the twenty five cents!) is really true, especially now that we are facing one of the crisis in our life.  Be thankful to God for whatever we have is what we always say.  Everything is a blessing and God has a plan for everything.

Recently, our youngest son was brought to the hospital, it was near broncho pneumonia but we are thankful to God that it was given immediate medication.  Of course the hospitalization is not free and we need to raise money for that and we are thankful that God lead us to people that we can talk to and lend some money to us.  Right now our son is in our house already but still taking some medications. 

God has always been faithful to us though there are times that we are not doing our part as a Christian. 

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