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Sunday, December 18

Featured Blog: My Simple Life

Our featured blog for today is My Simple Life from Mommy Kayth. I like the design of her blog and I find it cute, especially the moving clouds.

I don't have much things on my head right now so I pasted here what is about her from her "About Me" page.

Hi there Its me Kayth or Kasai, why Kasai? It means "Fire", a name given to me last 2004 when I joined a Japanese company and since then I retain it as my alias.
My Simple Life is created last November 31 of 2009 out my boredom and constant search of some online freebies.
It contains mostly of online Contest and other Money-Making Opportunities I can find around the net.
Aside from online promo's, you can occasionally read my rants about being a Mom, House/Home maker and even my daily experiences. It is a personal blog of a Woman who got a lot of things in her hand and hoping to contribute something to someone who bumps in my site

I also accept advertisement and reviews of anything and everything that I find acceptable to my norms and practices.
I don't have any professional training in writing though I try so much to improve my grammar you can constantly bump into my erroneous writings. I am giving my reader the privilege to correct me.
This blog is still young and you will find it constantly renovating :)
BTW, My Simple Life is living a career life in Singapore as of the moment and jogging back to Philippines every now and then as often as airfare ticket goes on sale.

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