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Monday, December 26

My Son Gelo

It's been seven months now and I haven't blogged about my son Gelo, except for the day he was brought out of this world.  Perhaps now I can write and describe more about my son Gelo.  To start his full name was Gelo Malikha.  At first I wanted him to be called "Malik" for his nickname to make it something different and since my first son also has three names including his nickname also but my wife insisted to call him Gelo.  Maybe he'll get to choose which name he would prefer when he gets older.

My youngest son, Gelo Malikha
His a pre-term baby so it's really hard for him to get sick.  His much prone to get infected if there are other kids who's ill.  That's why just recently he was brought to the hospital because of his near broncho-pneumnia condition.  His pedia did really take care of him.  It was a few days before Christmas and we don't mind spending a big chunk of our finances just to make him well.  Of course some of our friends online and offline send it their help to us and we are very thankful.  The word of THANKS isn't enough for all their help.  Now, our son Gelo is well and we trying keep him healthy specially with weather and climate condition at present.

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