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Tuesday, December 27


This coming year is a great new year. It signifies a fresh start and a beginning, a pleasant year for everyone to create chapters in life. Though it represents new things, the year 2012 also shows signs of mixed thoughts. It is thought that it would be a year of commotion, a year of reckoning. Perhaps it will be if in this year we won’t let ourselves speak up and be heard.

Why do I need to speak up? There are numbers of reasons why, I need to speak because I want to air my opinions, my complaints about certain issues, my ideas that will somehow solve a problem and things that I believe in. These are just responses in a very small-scale and through a vague perspective of a husband and a Dad. However, the main reason is because I wanted change, for the better and for the good of others.

“I” alone will not be effective enough to be heard, but it is good enough to shatter the single-sided thought of people, cracking their monotonous idea of silence. The “I” needs to be changed to “We” in order to create a clear sound of response and protest. SPEAK UP! ALOUD!
Start to act and stop hiding in comfort zones.
Protect original contents.
Engage in addressing issues and concerns.
Adhere to what you’re fighting for and what you believe in.
Knowledge has always been the right tool in every battle.

Uplift affected people.
Pray for the enlightenment of our thoughts.

Aim for a positive outcome.
Learn and be more sensitive.
Off or zero with negative words and phrases.
Unite clashing thoughts and become a catalyst of change.
Do it right with dignity.

If each and everyone will do this perhaps there will be a clear voice on every issue. Some of those issues are the cyber bullying with Charice Pampangco and Chris Lao, the Campaign Against Child Abuse which I should have much to say something about this because I have been a Child's right activist since I was in college, and the No To Piracy Campaign in which the OPMs are aiming for a better result with the help of bloggers.  There were issues also like the sharing of unverified information or misinformation that made a commotion before by airing an outdated picture, the plagiarism and copyright infringement which is happening in the blogging world, and of course, Environmental issues which are still a concern not only locally but globally.

Technology has been a great tool in speaking up. It defies space and boundaries. Given the fact that most people now are using the internet technology, it is easier and faster to communicate with each other. It is much louder in airing what we are resisting for. SPEAK UP! ALOUD! on Facebook and Twitter.

I’m a Dad and home is where everything start.  As what I have been advocating since college and will always be standing for it, I SPEAK UP for the Campaign Against Child Abuse and for the Care of the Environment! Let your voice be heard, online and offline.

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