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Monday, January 31

Monday Rush: 60KPH

I have experience this since last week, but I'm still having a hard time calculating the time needed to reach my destination.  My time frame was ruined because of the new things that the new MMDA implemented along the Commonwealth Ave.  They have strictly implemented the 60 KPH speed limit of all public utility vehicles.  Actually it is not new because the ruling about the speed limit was I think implemented during the 1980's.  I'm not really sure about this.  But hey take note it was two or three decades ago.  Maybe it's about time that the speed limit be raised to about 80 KPH to be fair with the commuters a well.  Nobody wants their employees coming late in the office because of that speed limit. 

Another thing that I've noticed is the space of lanes that the public utility vehicle is occupying.  Take note that the Commonwealth Ave is an eight lane road and most of the vehicles that are passing through that road are mainly public utility vehicles.  And yet they are only providing two lanes for the yellow lane!  I'm not really good at math but hello at least I can do a simple mathematics about this one.    Two lanes for the buses and the jeeps plus a speed limit of 60 KPH.  You can also add to that private vehicles coming from roads on the side will also contribute to traffic.    Yes they have solved the problem of traffic... but I think only for those private cars, for the simple commuters another headache and a long hour ride. 

I think the new MMDA chairman should think about this matter.  I think this will not only apply to Commonwealth Ave. but other roads as well.   Yes we are always experiencing traffic, tell me who else in the world does not have traffic problems.   Maybe a good weighing should be done!

Maki and the Dressed Up PC

It's really fun having my kids watch me as I make a simple dress up on our PC.  My idea of a dress up is to make it look like a robot.  I did find some used boards and boxes.  Make a cut out and painted it with a color blue paint.  A plaster here and plaster there then tadah! A PC that is look liked a head of a robot.  I think I did able to make it look like a robot but having Maki around did take it long to finish dressing up the PC.  Though he was just watching at first he still got lots of talking and questioning.  Some of his questions were "what are you doing daddy?" and "what''s that daddy?".   Just to let his question attended I did answer him that I was putting some boards and boxes on the computer to dress it up as our entry to yugatech's contest.   So to give him a bit of work to do I made him sit in front of the computer and took a picture of him together with the PC.  The whole idea was about a kid talking to a computer disguised robot.   Hehehe just a simple imagination.  So here are the pictures.

Things To Be Thankful

There are so many things to be thankful in life.  For us, last year was one of the fruitful years, though we weren't able to save enough, still, it is good because we were able to accomplish many things.  We were able to settle some of our debts and able to at least save some for Maki.  I know we still have plenty of debts to settle.  It is really hard to live with plenty of debts to think of.  Just thinking where to get the money to pay for it is really mind torture.  Anyway we were able to settle for it one at a time.  So for those whom we owe some we will settle it sooner.
My winnings from Jaypee Online's contest.

Aside from those settled debts there's another that I am thankful of... well I did won some contest last year and it's addition to my list of self hosted domain blogs.  Take note it's free for one year.  I think I'm already delayed in finalizing the content layout.  I was supposed to finished it end of this month but it seems that I'll be extending it for about a week.  There were so many things that kept me occupied.
This was Maki when he was still in the womb
Now the most wonderful thing that we are thankful of was that my wife will be giving me another cute little angel. Yes!  Another cute little angel in the house!  Last December we were able to confirm for her OB that she was and really is pregnant.  Another joyful pump of the heart and I'm really anxious to know whether it is a girl or a boy.  We were praying and hoping that it's a girl.

So at least these are some of the things that I am thankful to God.  They are all blessings that we should be thankful of.

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Saturday, January 29

Daddy Day Care: Gate For Maki

My wife and I find it essential to have our own gate, since we and our parents are sharing in just one gate.  Also Maki is already growing and becoming very hyperactive.  We would really somehow want to contain him inside the house, as much as possible or at least, we will know if he runs out and off the street.  There was one time that my wife noticed that Maki is already outside and is running towards the street.  Good thing that his nanny get him just in time before he runs on the main road.  It would really be dangerous making him loose like that. 
This is the area where we are going to put the gate.
So this morning, err actually it was last week, when started buying some of the materials needed for the gate.  Of course we did get a good gate.  Since most of the materials' cost nowadays are exponentially rising we tried to look for a gate in a junkshop that is just right and cheap.   It's not that new but it is still good, all it needs is just a simple retouches and paint jobs then viola you have your brand new gate.  It was really cheap compared to those gates that are fabricated in a metal shop. 

What we did this morning was we tried to canvas the materials that we will be needing in the construction of the gate.  Together with my wife and my son we went to two hardware stores that are near in our place.  It's just a walk away from the house and it is also a good exercise for my wife.

It was already afternoon when we started because one of the contracted person is only available during that time.  Since the gate is not fabricated according to what we want we did have some hard time deciding on what to do and how to post it along the fence.  After some quite deliberation I have decided to have it on what I thought it would be great and of course much lesser use of materials.  It was already evening when we decided to continue it tomorrow.  I was already tired and also aching with some of the wounds that I get during construction.

So right now as I was typing this down I'm having a hard time typing especially when I'm using my small finger on the right.  Its wounded and it really hurts.  Anyway that's part of it and I'm still blessed because that's the only casualty that I have compared to those lives that were lost in an accident in a construction site in Makati.   Let us just pray for their love ones that they will get through this. At the end of the day we should always thank the Lord our God for giving us life, food, shelter, and everything that comes from Him.  Thank you Lord for this day.

How about you how was your day?  Have you already thank God for the blessings? God's Day!

Friday, January 28

3D Giant Chalk

As we all know Crayola has been part of our childhood days and Crayola has always been our tutor when it comes to arts.   They have been our ally when doing our artworks.  It always stand beside us when competitions are always in heat.   So how was the big Crayola name is doing now.  Well since everything has improved and developed I think Crayola has done its part of developing as well and they show it with their latest 3D Giant Chalk.  At first, I thought it was just the same with the usual coloring material but reading through the features of this new chalk I think it made me awe.

The four giant chalks are just the same with the usual chalk but what is cool about this is that when you use a special glasses provided and included in the package you'll be able to make those drawn chalks pop out of the ground.  I think this is great for kids and they will sure love it.  I just hope that if I bought one of this Maki will just write on one specific place.  We all know that kids are explorers so who knows what will happen then.  We'll just cross the bridge when we get there.  For now try one of this for you kids.


Sink Faucet

As kids grow and try to explore different things around them, there are places that should be kept child-friendly.  It is better to be safe and child-proof than sorry.  You can't really know when accidents will occur. Some may occur in the living room and some outside the house. So we can't really tell when an accident will will happen.

High quality sink faucets in reasonable prices are better to have in the house. Some of them are ISO certified which we all know that we can really trust.  They are provided in reasonable prices to local sellers.  So you can just simply check the locals in your area.
Environmentally friendly faucet, Dada
In our house there are places that should be kept safe for the kids.  The entire house is their world for the meantime that they are kids.  There are places that they need to be there because they have.  One example is the sink area.  Kids often make a mess and the best area to clean them is on the sink.  My son would always tell me "Daddy wash" if his hands are full of chocolates or any dirt then we would go to the sink area.

Kids in general likes water, since sink area is the place where they can wash their hands, it is also the area where they can play with the water.  Sink faucets plays a very important role here.  Kids will play with the knob of the faucet, turning it on and off.  Sometimes due to excessive force or uneven twist causes the knob to loosen and starts to leaks or worst they may even break the knob and flood the area.  So if this happens you'll eventually have to replace your sink faucet and get that multi-purpose stylish faucet.  One great product is the Dada Environmentally friendly faucets.
Advantages of Dada Faucet
  1. Famous for low error rate thanks to fully automatic manufacturing process
  2. Lead component has been completely removed from the manufacturing process
  3. Hose that is harmless to human body has been used
  4. Consistent coating thickness
  5. A class copper are being used
  6. Various designs

It's about time that parents should choose a best product in the house. It does not only keep your house safe for your kids but can also save you a lot of money and water.

Tuesday, January 25

Raise A Money-Smart Kid

As to my usual browsing and reading of emails that I get from various websites, which I know would benefit me, I found the subject of Seven Ways of Raising A Money-Smart  Kid.  It's my weekly subscription from   While reading through the article this made me think if my son is a money-smart kid.  So, I tried to find out if my sons does or involved in one of those ways.
First, Hand your preschooler a buck.  According to the article handing a buck to your kid will let them know and realize what does a money looks like.  At this rate kids are learning and becoming aware of the money and the finances.  This will be a start for them.   Well as for my son I did let him hold and touch money from coins to paper bills.  I remember his first hold of a coin, this was the first time that we taught him of our to shoot those coins on the opening of the supposed to be piggy bank (which is an improvised piggy bank).  We call it in Filipino "alkansya".   From then on he enjoyed putting those coins through the whole.

Second, Dispose of "disposable thinking".  I think my son will have to know more about this thinking and we should really impose this.  According to the article we, parents, should teach our kids how to value books, toys, and every thing that is important.  If they're throwing books we should explain that it will damage it but if gently taken care the longer that they will be using it.   So the main thrust here is to teach them to value things and not everything is disposable.  I remember when my son get another disposable diaper after going to the bathroom even though that the diaper has not been stained by poop or pee.  Anyway I think we should taught him how to value things.

Third, Encourage delayed gratification.  I think I can praise my son for this one.  This is all about teaching kids how to wait.  I can boast about how my son behave when we're on the playground playing.  We have taught him very well to wait for his turn and respect those who are inline.  He would say that "Daddy I wait for my turn" though some of the kids are not like that.  My son would just comment afterwards that the other kids are not waiting for their turn.    When it comes to toys, my son does not tantrums inside the toy shop.    If there a toy that he hasn't seen he would just hold it and hug it then put it back again.  I remember one time while discussing with my wife that our son is not asking for toys, Maki then suddenly responded that "I got lots of toys in the house. Di ba! (Right!)".  We just smiled, hugged our kid and we told him that we love him.

Fourth, Table the taboo.  According to the article kids should not be put off when talking about money matters.  It is better that they understand where does the money come from.    Well we have already did talked about this with our kid.  Sometimes my son would ask "Daddy you have money?".  If I have I would yes but if I don't have I would say no.  It's as easy as that and he understand it.  Same goes with my wife.  We also explain to our son that we need to go to work to earn money and that money can buy his favorite cereal, biscuits, clothes and toys.   So we think by doing that he'll realize that not everything is available in a snap.

Fifth, Be a role model.  Well we're working on this one.  Sometimes it's really hard to be a money-smart person but we are now trying to save much and spend little.

Sixth, Let them practice.  According to the article kids should be taught how to manage their money by letting them play "store".  It says that piggy bank is one good way to practice kids.  Well as to my son we are already teaching him to save.  We also let him do the buying sometimes and we're just guiding him.

Seventh, Skip the lecture - tell a story instead.  Well, as we all know kids hates to much words and letters they rather have it in a picture or an animated story.   I think even the adults hate lectures they rather picture it out in a story instead.

So I think me and wife have already taught of it and will still continue to teach our kid with this ways.  How about you?  How was your kid?

Organizing the Clutter

This was supposed to be posted for the Monday Rush but it seems that I neglected to post it yesterday due to some matters that kept me occupied.  I'm rushing to organize all the clutter before the end of this month.  I hope to finished it!  Okay, so what was the clutter?  Well for some months already, though I have planned it a long ago, I have not organized all our personal and important documents, all my online information, and all our pictures.  Like I said I think I have planned it early last year but was not able to finish any of those planned activities.   Well at least I have started it.

First clutter, my family's personal and important documents.  Last year I was able to put all those documents in just one envelope.  It was really a tedious work!  I have to check all the papers one by one just to make sure that I won't loose any important documents.  What I did not finish was the organizing stage.  Separating each documents to important and not so important. 

Second clutter, my online information like the websites, log-in Id and passwords.  I did have laid this all in a spreadsheet together with the other information that should have been there.  Since I haven't updated most of them and since I can't find the e-file I think I'll be laying it down again.  If you think that the lost e-file might be seen by other people and use its password well sorry for them because those passwords were encrypted only I knows it.  This is to make sure that it's safe to jot down those passwords.  We can't really memorize most of the passwords so it is better to write it down and just make sure that it is written in a way that you're the only who can understand what it is.
Third clutter, the pictures.  I really need to organize this one because pictures on my computer are really piling up and I haven't labeled it.  Though some were already label according to dates and events still there are some that I haven't done yet.  Also, I really need to check every pictures because there some duplicates that only eats up the memory of the computer.  Another thing is that since my son learned to use the computer there are some files that have been moved to other folders so I really need to check it out.

So these are the clutter that I need to organize.  I just hoped that I could finish it before the end of this month so that I can do other things for the next month.

Saturday, January 22

Daddy Day Care: Birthday Celebration

Our family went out today!  We went to one of our friends who's celebrating his birthday today.  Actually the celebration is not just his but with the other two as well, which was my wife and the daughter of one of our friends.  So it was a three birthday celebration who all had their birthday this January.  The celebration was just simple and the guests are just us, our friends, and his family.

Maki did enjoy together with the other kids especially when we started inflating the balloons which we bought earlier.  Our "kumare" did insisted to have balloons because the kids will sure love it and they did.  The only problem that we had is that the balloons started popping when they started playing with it.  I think the balloons are not good quality balloons because some of them are too thin that when I did pump it up with the hand held pump they just pop.  I think there were still three balloons left for King, their son.
 While the kids are playing, we, the adults are having some quite interesting conversation.  It is more of reminiscing the past.  We all did have a very colorful memories during our teenage years.  We were all friends
and we were all part of the sponsorship/scholarship program of the church.  It was a pleasant memory that we all love to recall each time that we are having a get together.  In Filipino language friendships are called "barkada".  In our "barkada" two (2) pairs have pursued the relationship to the next level.  It was me and my wife and King's parents, our "kumare' and "kumpare".  That was out of the four (4) pairs during our teenage years.  Time really run so fast that all of us are parents now.

I remember when we were teenagers, every time that we are gathering we would always call it as "Chicharon Party".  Chicharon is the tastiest and at the same time cheapest snack that we can afford since we are all still students.  It was really fun eating it especially when there's a vinegar that you can dip it in.   Hmmm... tasty!  Now that we are all working "Chicharon Party's" have been upgraded.  Different delicacies are now present on the table each and everyone has their own shares.  The "Chicharon Party" is not mainly about food but it's about the acquaintance and becoming closer friends with others.
 It was a great day for my family, we had our bonding and the bonding with our friends as well.  For sure there will be another bonding again but not yet sure when it will be.

Threatening Yeast Infection

Yeast Infection? When I heard of this I thought of having infections with a yeast.  We all know that yeast are used in baking so by that simple English understanding I thought of it as having infections because of too much exposure with yeast but when I try to google it that's the time that I realize that I was wrong.   According to wikipedia, yeast infection is a common term for Candidiasis or thrush.  It is a fungal infection of any of the Candida species.  A very intriguing kind of infection.  When it is left untreated it can be fatal and severe.  Now that is something that should be addressed because the infection can occur on both males and females.

This is a new medical term for me so I tried to read more about this infection and I found out that this can be cured easily when it is brought to the doctor.  So we don't have to worry about it.  Though most doctors will sure prescribe medicines there are others that still go with the natural way of getting rid of it.   Whatever the way we choose as long as well have a Yeast Infection No More it is good and comforting.

Monday, January 17

Monday Rush: Sick and Check Up

Another Monday and another rush day but this time I did not rush to work.  I'm pin down on the bed due to slight fever, cough, and running nose.  A very bad feeling that lead me to stay at home and rest.  Plus add up the weather that we are having today, it really made my feeling really bad.  I think this sickness is due to the sudden changes in the weather.  Good thing that there's a company health card that can be used in times like this.  This really makes it easy to go to the doctor and have a check up.  One thing is that I don't have to worry about the payment for the doctor and for the laboratory.  The only thing that I did worry was the money to buy the prescribed medicines.  The prescribed medicines are few and they have generic brands but still they are really costly and eats up the money in my wallet.  It's really hard to get sick.

Saturday, January 15

Daddy Day Care: An Ordinary Day

Well today is just one of those days that we usually does. Bonding time with our little Maki and having one great time all together. Though Mommy got work today we still manage to have time together. That's what weekend is for anyway so we'll just have to spend it. A quality time for the family.

Maki and I just stayed in the house the whole morning after I escorted Mommy to the highway where she's going to ride the jeep. Maki is still asleep that time. When Maki woke up we did our morning rituals. We ate our breakfast. We feasted on two jumbo hotdogs. Then Maki played while I do some of jobs online and offline. Since Mommy want to have lunch in the house I cooked Adobong Pusit (Squids). When Mommy came home I don't what was her judgment but they almost ate everything. After our lunch mommy went back to the office and us we took our afternoon nap.

Afternoon Maki and I went to Mommy's office to fetch her but because of us being late mommy had to wait for us outside of her office. Hahaha! We went to the mall to let Maki have a little fun while Mommy is having her hair done in a Hair Salon. When Mommy is done she followed us in amusement area where we are playing. Then we eat our dinner. When we are about to go home we've noticed that it was raining hard so we decided to stay more inside the mall and wait till the rains stops. We went to the department store to buy something for Mommy and some VCDs for Maki. When the rain gets milder we went to the PUJs station and went home.

That's our ordinary weekend when there's not much budget, a little family bonding. How about you how was your weekend with your family?

Wednesday, January 12

My Son Doesn't Know Radio

My son doesn’t yet know the radio because we don’t have one in the house. The only way for us to listen to FM and AM radio frequency is by listen to the TV with FM radio frequency feature or to our cellular phones with the same features in it. So the real radio is quite alien for my son.

Though the technology has already develop much with regards to multimedia, still, radios are consider a must have in times of calamities. I remember when I’m still young and there were a typhoon. Lights were cut off because of strong winds and heavy rains. The only means for us to know the news is through a battery operated transistor radio. That was before and things have already changed.

Before transistor radios were designed like a box but now there were different cool designs that will fit your needs, like if you’re a fisherman or a camper or water extremist what you need is a waterproof radio and if you’re just in the comfort of your home a simple but classy design is for you.

Tuesday, January 11

Baby Things

It’s over three years already when our first child was born, good thing that we did save some of the baby clothes, feeding bottles, and others things needed by the baby. Most of them are still good and still usable but the others we will just find ways for their use. We haven’t known yet if it is a boy or a girl so we are still on hold of buying things that our baby will need.

There are lots of things that we still have to buy, especially if it is a baby girl because we still don’t have any thing that is for a girl. I don’t know yet if the crib is still okay or we’ll just have to buy a new one. Another baby gear that I wanted to buy is the baby bouncer chairs though the crib is quite good enough I find the chair much more minimalist. Also you can easily move around the house without the hassle of the crib most especially if the house is not quite big. I just pray that we’ll have enough finances to accommodate this one.

I and my wife are really excited to know our baby’s gender. We both wanted to have a baby girl and that’s what we are praying.

Pacifying Kids The Techie Way

Kids have always loved cartoons and animated TV shows. They will sure get quiet and stays in one place when they like the cartoons that they are watching. For me this is one way of pacifying kids but of course watching TV should be moderated. The problem with cartoons and animated TV shows is that kids can only watch them on a specific time and date. So if the kids got bored and want to watch the show you couldn’t get to explain them about the timeslot. One solution is to buy VCDs of the cartoons and animated shows but most of the time VCDs sometimes get damaged. Kids often play with VCDs when it’s not shelved in a proper place and that’s the time that it is accidentally broken or scratched on.

Another solution is to buy a media hard drive. Costly but it’s much better because you’ll be able to store more cartoons and animated TV shows or even movies. The best part is that kids won’t be able to play with it. Just make sure to place it in a safe storage. I already have an external hard drive and I’m using it to store some of the movies from the VCDs, of course just want to save copy before it got accidentally broken. I don’t know the difference between the media hard drive and the external portable hard drive but there’s one thing that I am sure they store up cartoons, animated TV shows, and movies for the kids to watch.

Monday, January 10

Monday Rush: Decision... Decision

It's really hard to make decision.  Things should always be weighed and checked thoroughly before hitting the button.  It doesn't have to be in a snapped but hey, if it entails time and resources maybe you should starting finalizing your decision to avoid any after effects.  Just like I mentioned earlier things should be checked accordingly.  You need to do it in a manner that you'll be able to get the pros and cons of the situation, not only that but it is also needed to get all the aspects involved in the situation.  Deciding is really a very hard thing to do, especially when you're placed in a very unusual situation.

Another thing that needs to be decided is the domain name of my choice.  I won in a contest where I get to choose any domain name.  It is a blessing that I received early this year.  A very good way to start the year right.    So anyway I haven't decided yet on which name should I send to the sponsor.  I did send one but it seems that it is already taken.  Maybe I should think about it more and just send it to him tomorrow.   I still need to weigh which is the best domain name to have.

I just want to share one more thing.  Early this morning I am contemplating if I'm going to stay at the staff house or go back home.  There were reasons that made me think to go back home, one is that I don't have clothes to bring and two I still need to do something in the house.  There were also reasons why I should sleep at the staff house, one is that I don't have enough money and second I can do a lot of things online there.  The decision of going back home prevails.  Though I don't have enough money anymore.  I just prayed that Lord I don't have enough money.  So with just exact money to travel to and from I went on.  When I came home my handed me Php 100 bill.  She told me that her aunt came and gave us gifts (aguinaldo).  I just said wow answered prayer.  Thanks God!

I know deciding can be really hard but there's one thing that I learned being a Christian... there's nothing impossible to God.  Just make sure that whatever you do always pray to God first.

Sunday, January 9

Days Are Becoming More Unusual

I really don't know what has happened but it seems that from the day that I started or should I say trying to make my covenant into motion things are getting somewhat unusual.  The road to where I am heading is starting to become foggy.  Unexpected things has started popping up like mushrooms.  I pray to have a more clearer view of things, more wider perspective, and much greater knowledge to understand all the things that are sprouting in the midst of my journey.  

Friday, January 7

Celebration, Worries, and Farewell

I think it's already past midnight and the date that my wife was born has already ended.  Yes, it is my wife's birthday a few minutes ago.  That was her very special day.  She took her vacation leave just to spend the whole day here in our house, taking care and playing with our son.

Just the other day we were planning on what to do during the night of her birthday.  We then decided to go to Starbucks and treat her with a only Choco drink beverages.  I really doesn't know if they do have one but I still insisted since I am going to claim the Starbucks Planner which was a gift from one of our "Ninong" (Godfather). So we were settled then and that's what we are going to do.

When the day of her birthday came which was 6th of January and the sun had already moved high into the sky a not very good text message came into my cellphone.  Our nephew had already ended his contract with the living and is now travelling onto the other side.  He was the same nephew that had become one of my blog contest's beneficiary.  He was undergoing dialysis.  His case was very rare because his kidney did not develop as he grows old.  Making it hard to clean his body waste and causing his kidney to malfunction.   With his kidney disabled his entire body deteriorates little by little causing infections and complications.   It was the end of his line.

Late afternoon, before the evening strikes another message came and this time it's about my wife's condition.  Our date is cancelled because she's having a fever.  Not good because she's pregnant and that worries me.  She did inform here OB and she was instructed what to take.  Still, I'm worried of her.  But I'm sure God will keep our family in good health.

The day is really unusual to have a celebration, worries, and farewell.  All that we need during this times is to trust the Lord our God.  His the answer to all our prayers.

Wednesday, January 5

Baby Names

I remember few months after our first kid was conceived, we were thinking names. We doesn't really know yet if it is just one or if it is a twin. We did think a lot of what names to give. We make four names just in case if it's a twin. Two boy names and two girl names. We don't go on the usual names of babies, instead we created names out of our names and then we added some Filipino words because I love being a Filipino. So what are the names... well secret... Since we are having a new member in the family we will be using one of the names that we have created before. What we'll just have to do is to wait if it is a boy or a girl.

If you're planning to find names for your upcoming babies, well here are some of the top 100 names according to

Girls' NamesBoys' Names

Tuesday, January 4

What's With ADHD & Adderall?

Do you find your kids a little different than the others or do you find them with so much energy that seems unending? Well if you find symptoms like inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity with your kids they may have some sort of problem. It seems they are having problem with their hyperactivity. Kids with so much inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity are somewhat indications of having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or commonly called ADHD. Kids with this problem can be really hard to take care of because of their hyperactivity. They want attention so they make or create outlet of it and most of them are directed to their motor skills. I’m not an expert but this is what I only observed and understand with some articles about kids with ADHD. I think according to some writings kids with ADHD tend to lose it when they reach a certain age and if it is treated properly but for those untreated cases, I don’t know what happens to them. ]

There are medicines that are being use to help treat ADHD. One of these medicines is the Adderall. The Adderall helps treat ADHD in a prescribe doses. It is quite ironic that Adderall is a stimulant but when used in a lower dosage to treat kids with ADHD it only calms them down. So parents should not be worry if their kids are diagnosed with ADHD. There are treatments and medicines for them but make sure to consult the doctor first before trying anything. Once the doctor approved the use of Adderall you can Buy Adderall Online which make it easy for parents who are living in an inconvenient area. Buying Adderall Online is as simple as clicking an icon in your deskstop computer or laptop just makes sure to get it on trusted sites that sell that kind of medicines. Though some other pharmacy or drugstores requires prescription there is also where you can buy Adderal Without Prescription but yet again it is better to have prescription.

So parents observe your kids. If you find something different about the activity of your kids always refer it to your pediatrician. They better know if your kids has ADHD or not and it is better to know it as early as possible. Just what like doctors always tells “Prevention is better than Cure”.

Monday, January 3

Monday Rush: 2011 First Work Day

The very first day at work after 2010!  It seems that the mood is quite still on vacation mode but we really need to work and do what we have to do.  It's a fresh start and work is waiting for us.  It like a verse that "the mind is willing but the body weak".  

I don't know what's in store for me or for us this year but they say that this year is good for everyone and most of the people will be fortunate this year.  We all know that most people are referring their luck on lucky charms and feng shui.  It is the tradition and we cannot argue about that.  That's their own conviction.  But for us Christians, we always refer our life to God.  

Why did I associate the luck with the first day of work for this year.  We work because of our performance and there's no luck in it that people get their job.  That's the result of perseverance and hard work.  Opportunity is there because of that.  So always trust God in everything that we do and He will provide us all the things that we need.

Saturday, January 1

Daddy Day Care: First Day of 2011

Today is the very first day of 2011.  A new beginning and a fresh start.  They say that this year will be something extraordinary for everyone because abundance will flourish to everyone.  Well I do believe in that because God has His way of providing for His children.  No matter how it is send, He still provide and He doesn't want His children to go hungry and bare.    For God's grace and love abundance will surely flourish.

As to celebrate the first day of the year, our family went out and cherished the gift of nature and the gift of life... air.   We went to one of the nearest place where you can see animals and trees of course, it is the Parks and Wild Life in Quezon City.  We want the kids to enjoy playing and breathing for fresh air under those trees.  Our son is really super hyper.  We don't know where does he gets his energy, I'm sure his already tired and his already exhausted but he still manages to run around and play.  I, myself, wanted to have a nap but my son insisted on going around the park.  Whew! What a day to start the whole year!  Anyway it's good that our son is active and not dull or lame.  One thing I think my son needs is to show his talents and skills when there are other people around aside us and his friends.  Anyway we'll be praying for it and I'm God has something for my son.

So for now, since it is still fresh and still the beginning of the year.  We pray for EVERYONE for a BLESSED and FRUITFUL YEAR! GODSPEED!
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