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Monday, May 30

Monday Rush: Pending Works

As most of the readers have known, my family had gone through difficulties. Though I had some time off from work, it’s not the time to take a rest. I need to tend on some matters that require much attention and only I can do such things. During my paternity leave, I still need to tend to my wife and our baby which was in the hospital during those times. I think there should also be a consideration with regards to paternity leaves of Dads whose wives undergone a C Section. Just like how maternity leaves vary between normal delivery and CS. It is much harder to take care of wives with CS than those with normal deliveries so I think Dads should also be given longer paternity leave. Anyway what’s important is that Dads are always there for their wives no matter what.

pending-worksDuring my leave of absence there are pending documents that I need to complete and that’s what I did today. I tried to finish some of the documents. It is better to make things already especially now that I have been away for quite some time. With heavy clouds over my head I still did most of it.

Aside from the pending works at the office I also have pending works at home. Yeah! There are pending works that I should have done before our baby arrived in the house. It is really hard to make things when everything is on to your shoulders. Thank God that there are times that give me moment to rest and energize my mind, body and soul. There are things that need to be rushed.

Since I am also working online, I also got pending jobs online which I hope that it won’t be forfeited. So I really have to make sure also to complete all the online tasks that I should done including the contest which was supposed to be launched two days ago.

So, I don’t know how will finish all these things I just pray that God will provide energy and strength for my body to do all these things.

How about you? How was your Monday?

Nuffnang and Hapee Special Screening

First Class! We have always heard of the word First Class, when it is heard we always coined it to an elite entity or group. It shows that they are on top and they manifest the clear state of being exceptional. Whew! I think my nose is already bleeding defining the word “First Class”. Anyway those are the definition that I can find and come up with.

As a father, I always try to have the best for my family though there are times that I flank on this. It’s sometimes a male mode of not thinking twice. Hahaha! I’m just thankful that I learned a lot from those mistakes and by that perhaps I would be a First Class Dad. Of course my wife and my sons would be the only ones who would consider that.

Just like these two entities which embody the symbol of being extraordinary in their line of products and services, the Nuffnang and Hapee. Both have proven their existence as one of the top companies that provides First Class services.

Nuffnang according to them they are the Asia-Pacific’s first and leading blog advertising community, which is true and correct because so far no blog advertising does like Nuffnang. Proofs about them are their trusted advertisers who keep on advertising and their valuable bloggers engaging through all their events and contests. Another thing is that they are truly First Class because they provide the very best in all their contest and events.

Hapee is one of the products of the Lamoiyan Corporation which is a corporation founded in the Philippines and owned by a Filipino. A Filipino considered by the world First Class in almost all areas. Hapee being one of the top selling tooth pastes in the market of the Lamoiyan Corporation was able lined up with the First Class tooth paste. Now isn’t it something to be proud of. A local toothpaste lined up with the world’s leading toothpastes.

First Class doesn’t have to be expensive, what is important is what the company provides. First Class products and First Class services!

Sunday, May 29

Daddy Day Care: Maki’s Enrolment

We have been so blessed! My wife has already recovered from her CS and our baby was already brought in to our house. It was a blessing to be thankful to God! As I have posted in facebook …

“PRAISE BE TO GOD! Our baby Gelo will be discharge from the hospital today. Our son Maki will welcome him today! Got to go now to the hospital to finalize all the bills and documents needed!

Now there is another part of our life that we are thankful to God because our son Maki will now go to school. Well he wanted to go to school already and it is good that his having interest in going to school. We enrolled him this morning. Maki was very excited while his Mommy is filling up the details in the form for his schooling.
holy spirit preparatory schoolThe fees, the books and the uniform were all presented to us but so far we paid only for the fees. We will just have to buy the books and the uniform later. The school is just near our house so it is much easier to fetch him when his class is over. That’s where his Tita Shie graduated in Elementary. I don’t know if it will be hard for him because his Tita Shie has established a name there but anyway we are here to help and give him our full support.

Saturday, May 28

Happy Blogoversary!

Today this blog have reached its 3rd year blogoversary.  It has existed in the world wide web and in some blog communities.  It have imparted, shared and informed many things to other bloggers, readers and visitors.  It has been a very fruitful experience in life.  I do hope that there will be more years to come and counting for this blog.


In addition, with regards to the contest I would like to extend my apology for the delay in the launching of the contest, there were some changes in the mechanics of the contest.  Another reason is that yours truly got busy with some of the blogging events.  So just relax and wait for a while.  Good day!

Friday, May 27

Do I Really Need To Hire?

Since before the pregnancy of my wife I have been trying to put into my schedule the time to fix the ceiling and the walls in our house. That was three months ago! It was supposed to be done because our second baby will be arriving supposedly June 21 but because of some circumstances our baby went out ahead of time. Maybe he just wanted to get out already. Anyway to make it a more briefer than brief, I wasn’t able to do ceiling and the walls. It was frustrating! Though I know a little bit of how to do some construction leads, I think it is still best to hire some pros that will do the construction. The only problem is that if I still have enough finances to cover the labor fees.

I know there are some companies that offer services to do almost anything and everything that people needs. They offer services from just a simple typing of documents to a more physically inclined construction labors. It is a very good company because they will for sure never lose any client. They will always be in demand.

So, for now I will think about this thoroughly and perhaps have my decision once I have finished all my scheduled events to attend to.

How about you? Do you hire to get a work done?

Thursday, May 26

Sponsorship Requests

Dear Sponsors and Sponsors To Be,

My 3rd Blogoversary is very very soon. Only a few more days and we will be celebrating the anniversary. Up to now I have few bloggers and other sponsors who have committed and pledge their support for my contest. I am thankful to them for their support.

Right now I am still in need of sponsorship, I still need more sponsors to have a much more prizes to offer to all the readers and followers of this blog. So if there are still willing and able people out there that would like to be part of the sponsors kindly email me the URL of the blog and send me also the pledge amount to my paypal account.

With regards to what sponsors will get in sponsoring kindly refer to this link SPONSORS. So I'll be waiting for the reply and pledges. Thank and God bless.

Monday, May 23

A Blessing and A Trial Part 4

As much as we wanted to bring our son with us, the situation keeps us apart and it sure did make every minutes that we would keep on thinking what will happen to Gelo. Most of the friends and people that we have asked with the same situation like our son they often commented that they are really confined from two weeks to a month or more than depending on the situation and health of the baby. It is also counted how they will respond to the medication. We are thankful to God that most of those people that we have asked they didn’t mention anything negative about the situation. Just what I often tell to people and other bloggers always expect the unexpected and prayers have always the answers.
gelosbirth2While our baby Gelo is in the hospital we are thinking of our finances. We don’t have much to cover his medication. On the day that my wife was discharged his hospital bill were already Php15,000.00 that was just the cost of the incubator, the oxygen, the medicines, lab tests and other fees. It was really a big sigh for us, the trial is still coming and hasn’t ended yet but we know God would not give this kind of problem if He knows that we will not get through this. He wants us to be a living testimony of his unending grace and love.
It‘s like a torture for us, we are not only thinking for the safety of your baby but also we are thinking of how and where we will raise the money. We are thankful that there are friends who are willing and able to help. We are really grateful to have friends like them.

While we have not yet recovered from the expenses for the discharge of my wife, the hospital were asking for a deposit for the baby. Thank God they were gracious enough to give us ample time to raise at least Php5,000.00 for the meantime. The deposit was supposed to be Php10,000.00 but they allowed us to at least provide half of it. I promised that I will give the half first day of the week.
playtex-nursing-necessities storing-breast-milk
Also, Saturday was my first day duty to do a delivery express of breast milk for our baby. Since our baby has not fully developed the sucking and swallowing coordination, he needs to be feed through a dropper. We need to provide him fresh breast milk to gain the nutrients and antibodies that he need. Good thing that my sister has finished using the breast pump and now it’s my wife’s turn to use it. So the storage was no problem all I got to do is transport it at least twice a day.milk-and-storage
That was my routine during the whole week that our baby is in the hospital. We always make sure to pray for our baby to have good development every time that I will bring his milk and we thank God because he answers our prayer. Everyday Gelo has good development. From Oxygen with Nasal CPAP to plain oxygen, from incubator to plain nursery, and from 20cc of breast milk to 1oz every feeding. Praise be to God!
There were twice that I have brought with me my eldest son. He wanted to see his little brother. Since Gelo’s condition was very prone to infection I just requested for the nurse to have baby Gelo shown on the nursery window. Maki was very delighted seeing his little brother. Too bad he couldn’t at least touch the foot of his brother.

With the joy of knowing our baby Gelo’s development, the stress of raising the money of at least Php60,000.00 were somewhat eased. My wife was always happy whenever I tell her the development about baby Gelo. That way it eases all the aches, pains and worries that we have. Just what our Ninong Rey’s message Gelo is a blessing! Indeed he is a blessing for us.

My wife suggested that we could borrow money from their office making it as a cash advance which she will pay every pay period. We made a letter addressed to the president through her immediate boss. At first it was a misunderstanding and miscommunication about what we really wanted but after thorough explanation my wife’s boss forwarded it to their president. We did pray hard that the request would be granted. After a day the president approved the request and somewhat made it a little bit easier for us. It was coursed through the credit union which will allow my wife to at least have enough take home pay during the period that she will pay for that cash advance. Thank God another answered prayer.

Saturday, after a week that my wife was discharge from the hospital we went to her OB-GYNE, Dr. Yaneza for her follow-up check up. It was another work of God’s gracious hand because Dr. Yaneza made the consultation free, no charge. Thank God! After that we went to the hospital to see our baby Gelo and for my wife to try and let baby Gelo suck milk from her breast. Too bad Gelo just finished drinking his milk when we arrived. My wife made a lot of questions and inquiries to the attending nurse. She wanted to know more about how to take care of a pre term baby and while doing that I manage to take a video and picture of them. We stayed there for almost 30 minutes. My wife treasured and really took the opportunity to bond with our baby. It’s really great seeing both my wife and my son together.
mommy-and-gelo2Our baby was still small and so fragile. He was only 1.7 kgs. He was like a kitten. We don’t know much knowledge about pre term babies but we will strive hard to take good care of him. He is another angel and an addition to our growing family. Maki is now a big brother!
After a few more minutes we went to the cashier to provide them the additional deposit. It was supposed to be Php5,000.00 but it was only Php4,000.00 because that’s the only money we have raised so far for the additional deposit. We get the initial billing and as expected the bill shoots to around Php40,000.00 excluding the professional fees of the doctors who checked our baby. The expenses were way really high already.
Yesterday was one of the best answered prayers that we ever had, we can now take our baby home! We were happy to hear that and were so delighted to bring him home.

This morning we will take care all of the documents needed for the discharge of our baby. We pray hard that the discount of the Philhealth will be higher than what we computed. Pray, pray and pray! Praise, praise and praise God for the guidance, deliverance and love that he showered upon us. I don’t have much more to say but wait for our baby to be home this morning. I couldn’t sleep…

One of my blogger friend suggested that I should place a donate button here for those who would like to help and share whatever blessings that they have. I am grateful that SHARKBYTES provided a slice of her blessings to us. If this is one of the way to pay our obligations I’ll be very thankful for those who will share whatever they have. THANKS EVERYONE!

Friday, May 20

A Blessing and A Trial Part 3

The situations are really keeping us in constant prayer. We don’t know when we will be having a deep and longer sigh. Not a sigh of despair but a sigh of relief and victory over all our problems. We know that God will always be there no matter how big or small our problem is. It is just a test of how big and how long is our faith.

Thank God that there are people, friends and relatives, who give their time, effort and prayers for us. My wife was visited by some friends and church mates. They are there offering their time and prayers for my wife and the whole family.

Our third day in the hospital is really hard for my wife, the pain of her stitches and her back plus the swirling of her stomach were getting more painful. They have also started reducing the pain reliever to a lower dosage. But it seems that my wife’s low pain tolerance is kicking in to her. She was really crying in pain. Seeing her in pain make me wish to have that pain instead. I did informed the nurses of the situation and thank God that they called and informed Dr. Yaneza of the situation. My wife was still given a pain reliever. At least it made her calm a little though she was still feeling the pain. She eventually falls asleep after the medicine sink in to her.


Late afternoon when she was visited by her OB, Dr. Yaneza, and provided a discharge instruction of what medicine to take plus what she will do. I was delighted that my wife will be discharged from the hospital but I was worried at the same time because we still don’t have enough money to pay for the hospital bills. It was another problem to think of for us. I still walked and processed all the documents needed for the discharge including the requirements for the Philhealth. This is for us to know how much we are going to pay for the hospital bill. It’s like watching a suspense thriller waiting for the amount that will be charge for us. It was a big sigh seeing that the bill was around Php 32,000.00 excluding the Php 10,000.00 down payment. It was a blessing that my wife can now be discharge.

It was still a continues problem for us because my wife’s maternity benefit was not yet available and we have to think of a way to raise thePhp32,000.00. It’s hard to think when you know you got limited access to funds but thank God and thanks to generous people that helped us. We did raise the fund!

Saturday morning, we made sure that all the documents are prepared and all the bills are paid. We readied and packed all our things. Right before lunch we have coordinated with the hospital and made all the procedures needed for checking out from the hospital. It was a mix of worries and joy. Joy because thanks God my wife is now okay and worried because we have to leave our baby Gelo behind to continue his medication. Before we get out my wife went to NICU to visit our baby. They bonded for quite some time. I’m sure mommy was really in pain and worried that she has to go out of the hospital and leave our baby. She did say see you soon to our son.

gelosbirth8We are thankful for the doctors, nurses and staff of the General Miguel Malvar Medical Foundation. They have made my wife’s confinement easy for her. It was good experiencing their services.


We went home and my wife still aching with her stitches was welcomed by our eldest son, Maki, but of course we didn’t allow him to rush through to mommy. Maki was so happy seeing his Mommy again and so was Mommy seeing her first son again. That was the end of my wife’s confinement but the start of our continued prayer for our son’s recovery.

Tuesday, May 17

A Blessing and A Trial Part 2

When I woke up my wife isn’t there yet so I said to my mother-in-law that I will go home for a while and get some additional things. So I went home and I was able to have a little breath and exhaled the problem to my mother and to my sister. I asked for prayers for both, my wife and our second baby. Later I opened my facebook account and posted a message requesting for prayers. I know that the most powerful tool on earth is prayer. The more people pray for my family the safer and the stronger we are in facing such difficult times. I’m still shocked. I couldn’t believed that it happened so fast. We don’t have anything. Good thing that I still have Php5,000.00 money remaining in my ATM but the problem is that we won’t have anything to buy for our daily needs, especially for Maki’s needs. Hay… today is such a very hard trial but I am thankful to those people who have sent their sympathy and prayers to us.
facebook post and comments
I prepared the things and went off back to the hospital. When I get there my wife is already inside the room, resting. I sighed and thanked God my wife was already there. That was the first time that I see her for the day. Her belly was a little bit smaller now. She was still groggy and tired. She was really down and was instructed not to do much talking for that instance to avoid air getting inside her stomach. She needs to rest and that’s what she really needs after that operation and unexpected experience.
Though I’m tired and sleepy I still manage to take care of my wife and watched over her. I’m sure who in the world would get to sleep in that kind of situation. I didn’t talk much with my wife for that time. Though I get some naps, nurses do come in almost every hour to check my wife’s vital signs.

Almost midnight when one of the nurses instructed me to go the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to talked to the attending physician. The doctor explained to me the situation of the baby and that his pedia wanted to have another specialist to look after for our baby which was called a neonatologist. It is a doctor who specializes on premature babies. After informing me of the situation they asked for my consent to have our baby seen by another doctor who specialized about neonatal or premature babies. I said to them that if it is for the wellness of our baby then I’m giving my consent to have another specialist look after our baby. After letting me sign a consent letter they immediately called the doctor. I went back to the room and explained it to my wife.

It is another trial for us. Baby Gelo is having problem breathing on his own. Though his chest x-ray was clear, still, one of the main problems of premature babies is breathing on their own that our baby Gelo was provided with oxygen to help him in his breathing. According to the doctor his breathing is not that normal that’s why the Pedia, Dr. Ombac recommended to have another Pedia who specializes on premature babies to look after our baby. It was really hard to decide when you know that you don’t have finances to cover that procedure that they are providing but because it’s about life money is nothing compared to my son’s life. I’m sure God is on our side and he will help us on this trial.

Morning of the second day, I was woken up by the knock on the door. One of the nurses came in to give my wife her doze of medicine. A think it was a pain reliever. I’m not sure of what it is because my stay there seems like I’m not bounded with time. It feels like it is timeless.
Wounds are wounds and they get nasty once the anesthesia is already worn out and that’s what my wife experienced. Her recent operation was hard compared to her first CS. She was really in pain after the operation. I think she was given a very high dose of pain reliever because of her case. My wife does have a very low pain tolerance. She turns violet once her pain is not treated and that’s the reason why she was operated during her labor of our first baby. I really wished that I were the one experiencing the pain. She was really in pain and there were times that she doesn’t know what to do to ease off the pain. Though I’m tired I couldn’t let her down because I know she really needs me. That’s why even though there are times that she really annoys me, I’m still there for her.

The second day makes us pray harder because they have place a Nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). This is provided to help Gelo breathe the right amount of oxygen that he needs to take. It will only be taken off once Gelo started breathing on his own without the help of any apparatus. Another tight hold unto the Lord.

Sunday, May 15

A Blessing and A Trial Part 1

It was Wednesday afternoon, I was in the office busy finalizing the needed documents for the liquidation of the recently concluded Operation Tuli which was held at Brgy. Bantog, Tarlac City. I was busy when my cellular phone received a text message. I picked it out of my pocket and read it… “Dy dinudugo ako. Dadalhin ako hospital” (Dy I’m bleeding. They’re going to rush to the hospital). My first response to myself and which I send a text message also was “Why?”. It was a question which made me wonder why it happens to my wife. It’s not yet her term to deliver the baby. As I was doing finishing my work I was shaky and worried. After finishing the document I went to my boss and told him what happened. I hurriedly pick up my bag and went straight out of the office. I’m in Clark at that moment. It takes one to two hours to travel from there to Manila.

The travel back to Quezon City seems long. My thoughts are wondering while on travel though I take a nap from time to time, still, it seems so long. I keep on praying for my wife and the baby’s safety. We had some exchanges of communication though my wife is already bleeding. Then they texted me that they were already in General Miguel Malvar Hospital and I was instructed to withdraw Php5,000.00 as addition to the initial deposit. The deposit was Php10,000.00 and my wife only brought Php5,000.00. We were not expecting something like this to happen. We haven’t fully prepared everything. Finances, Mommy and baby’s clothing, all were not yet prepared.

After a few hours of travel I finally arrived at Quezon City. I first withdraw the said amount before going straight to the hospital. When I came to the hospital, my wife was already in the Operating Room. Ate Jho, a co-worker of my wife was there at the door of the Operating Room waiting. She explained to me what happened and also informed me that my mother-in-laws just went home to get some clothes and other things that will be needed for the delivery.
gelosbirth2We only have prepared quite few of the baby’s clothes and the rest we don’t have it yet. We haven’t bought anything yet for the baby, most of them were hand me down from relatives. It was planned to buy things this weekend but it seems that we will just have to content for what we have right now. The main concern is that both of them will be okay during the operation.

Deep in my mind I was praying for their safety. I’m praying to the Lord to give them the strength and protection that they need. A few minutes later the attending Pediatrician came out of the door and was looking for the father. I presented myself. Though she introduced herself I wasn’t giving attention about her name, what I wanted to hear already is the condition of my wife and my son. I was a little bit relieved when she said that the baby is already out and my wife is okay. I was thrilled and excited to see the baby but was suddenly exchange with fear when the she explained that the baby was premature. He was only 31 weeks. He didn’t even reached the period of the full term. The Pedia further explained that the baby’s condition right that moment was critical, for the reason that he’s premature and can easily get infections and his lungs hasn’t fully develop yet so he’ll be having a hard time breathing on his own. He was already placed inside the incubator with an oxygen apparatus on him. The Pediatrician showed me his condition. I was in awe seeing how little he is and how cute he is but I also feel sad that he has to stay inside the incubator. With that moment I didn’t even had a chance to take a picture of him. I was still in awe and worried during that time.

It is a trial for us to take. Unsure of how long will our baby is going stay inside the incubator and worst is unsure of his condition. We really need to keep that faith to God that he will protect our baby, make him well and strong enough. It is truly a trial and a test of faith. I’m sure everyone was praying for our family.

Later on Dr. Yaneza, my wife’s OB came out of the room. She explained to me what had happened. It was a matter of life that she had decided to go already with the operation. She further explained that my wife’s pregnancy was one of the cases that happen to some pregnant women. My wife's pregnancy was placenta first before the baby which caused the bleeding. According to her it was already programmed to be that way when the baby was conceived, the good thing is that it was treated immediately.
gelosbirth5 gelosbirth4 
It is a blessing and an answered prayer that they both get through the delivery. Tired and sleepy my mother-in-law and I decided to just wait for my wife in the hospital room while waiting for my wife to recover. As I was thanking God I feel asleep.

Wednesday, May 11

Dads Not Good At Dates

Sometimes it is hard to admit that Dads are really having a hard time memorizing important dates and events in the family or sometimes outside of the family. Sometimes or should I say often Dads only remember the event when they heard from someone, read through some notes, or worst when Moms get so annoyed by Dads action because she was expecting for something that Dad wasn’t able to bring or provide. Important dates in the family like birthdays of their babies, your wedding anniversary, in-laws birthdays, and important milestones should always be remembered. And because of Dads commonly forget it they always cram in buying gifts and present for their kids and wife.

When it comes to kid’s birthday event or any other event it is often seen that Moms are the ones who are always in the frontline in comforting kids why Dad forgot about the event. It is good that Moms are always there to help out but what about if Mom’s important date is forgotten by Dad? Whoa! I’m sure it will be another cold war in the house.

Bottom line, Dads should learn to find better and reliable printing company that can provide good quality calendar printing that will have Dads personalized and organized calendar. It is much better if it is completed with different design and colors to easily determine the event but anyway it still depends on what the individual wants or his preference.

Since Dads are the ones who ought to get calendar or the personalized calendar printing they should be the one to pay for it and Dads should know that some of the organizations that offer calendar printing have some charities that they help. They do this as their fundraising for a certain organizations, so for every purchase of a calendar or personalized calendar printing a portion of it goes to different charities. It’s a little help that fund raisers get for selling calendars.

Calendars with readable font can make the whole calendar much more interesting to look at and much more better to remember events and dates. Images and designs in the calendar should compliment with the color and font of the dates because in the first place the dates are what we after, perhaps the designs are just secondary.

So maybe if most of the events will be laid down on the calendar Dads wouldn’t be forgetful now and possibly he’ll get most of the gift just in time with no hassle of thinking what gifts to buy.

Tuesday, May 10

Teleserv’s Night-Out: Fast Five


Ever since our son, Maki, was born we rarely go to movies that are for dads or for moms or for both. Mainly, it is always themed for children and that’s for Maki. As I may recall we have only watched two movies together with son, Maki. Though we love the movie, it is still for kids and Dads like me somewhat like movies with full pack of actions and suspense. I think the last for grownups movie that I have watched on the big screen was a story about the tricks of magicians. Now that I recall it, it is indeed a long time since I watched a movie for grownups. Dads couldn’t really get time to watch an action pack movie on the big screen of course baby first before ours. So, in some cases I just content myself in watching downloaded and borrowed movies from friends and relatives.

Teleserv Fast Five Ticket

Last Wednesday I was able to watch a great, exciting, thrilling and breathtaking movie for this year. To make it short it is FAST and it is FREE! It is my first ever movie after my son, Maki, was born and Teleserv did make the Night-Out at the Cinema Bloggers Edition 2011 a very cool way to remember it. The movie screen was the FAST Five or the Fast and Furious 5, it is the fifth part already and they sure make every movie a standout not just because of the cars and the cute little babes but for the reason that it is filled with so much action, thrill and excitement. It is like stepping on an imaginary break on the passenger side of the car. I’m not much of a movie critique but I like how they create the story with a little bit of mystery and some hanging questions that makes a viewer like me to ask for more or wait for the next story to come and find out the answer.

Teleserv Fast Five1  Teleserv Fast Five Teleserv Fast Five2 Teleserv Fast Five3

Teleserv did make a good choice of a movie to screen. According to them the word FAST gives a great connection to their company’s commitment and service, they deliver it FAST. It is indeed a fast service to have your documents delivered in just two days and anywhere in the Philippines. I haven’t tried their services yet but I am looking forward in using their services like the NSO Birth Certificate which is really sometimes annoying to go to their office and file your request. So, perhaps one of these days I will try their services.

Teleserv Fast Five4

To further introduce Teleserv, Pilipinas Teleserv, Inc it is better to start in the beginning of who are the owners of the company. Teleserv was conceptualized by three people who come from different fields of work, they are Jun Yupitun the director for Operations, Jeffrey Villanueva the director for Admin and Finance, also the chief CRM Developer and Raffy David who is the director for Marketing. Interesting that Teleserv was formed to cater various Philippine government agencies that provide transaction to its citizen but of course they do have some other clients from the private sector.

So if you want it FAST have it serve by Teleserv.

Just visit the following site.

Sunday, May 8

Dad Watched Pacquiao vs Mosley

Just watched another Pacman’s fight through live streaming, a link provided by my Ninong.  Though the connection was a bit hanging still it’s good that we were able to enjoy watching the fight and besides it’s just free.  A big thanks to that we were able to watch the fight.

Here are some of the print screen of the fight of Pacman and Mosley.


image  image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

While we were watching my son, Maki, was also with us and of course having him watched the fight is something that Moms and Dads should always look into because they might mimic the boxing.  So, I told my son not to do that with the other kids, it’s not good.

I think I would like to watch the replay because there are some parts that I missed.  Another victorious fight for Manny “Pacman” Paquiao and also another pride because Charice Pampangco did the National Anthem with was nicely done.

So did you watch the fight?  What was your reaction about it?

Saturday, May 7

Daddy Day Care: First MRT Ride & More

I thought the day would be just an ordinary day for me and for my son.  Not until I opened up to Mommy that today is the Free Comic Book Day which will be celebrated at the Comic Odyssey in Robinson’s Galleria Ortigas and that is how it started.  My wife suggested that I should go to that event and get some free comic book since our schedule is quite open a bit.  It was okay but then she suggested again to have Maki come along with me in which I thought it is just fine. 

So when Maki woke up we prepared ourselves and went off to the event.  This will be Maki’s first time to go further than SM North and it is also his first time ride the MRT.  The jeepney ride was okay, we don’t have any hassle about it.  The only thing that is not good is that he doesn’t want to walk… that time. 

We got off the jeepney and went straight to the MRT station.  Thank goodness that we didn’t have to walk through the overpass.  Maki and I got into the MRT station and into the counter.  Maki is still free to ride the MRT, that was his first time to walk there and waited for the train to arrive.  When the train arrived I let Maki walk right into it to let him feel the experience of riding the train.  We sat down and took some unclear pictures of us together inside the train.  Maki was quiet inside the train and rarely look at some billboards and scene outside of the train.  We arrived in MRT Ortigas station without any bad tantrums.  It was already past 10 AM and we still need to walk a long way just to get to Robinson’s Galleria which made me more tired and even more tired because Maki doesn’t want to walk.  Wahhhh!  Add up the hot weather which makes me sweat more than the usual.  My shirt is a little bit wet already when we went inside the mall.  This was his first time visit Robinson’s Galleria Ortigas and so far the furthest mall that he ever been since he started walking. 

At last we arrived at the 3rd floor, still sweating, we look for the venue and was shocked to see all those comic book fan lined longer than I thought.  We trailed down the end of the line and ended up on a very long file of comic book fanatics.  That’s the time that I decided not to continue though I’m really wanting to have those free comic books but because Maki was with me and anytime he would burst to go home already.  With that I decided that we went home and accompany Mommy to her OB.  That was the very mistake that I did, Maki burst into tantrums because he wanted to have that comic book that Mommy told him that we will get.  I think we went in and out of the mall almost seven times.  It took more than an hour to convince him that the books on the 3rd floor are for older people and the one’s inside National Bookstore are the books for kids like him.   It’s really hard convincing him but I manage to pull it off and went home together with his chosen coloring book.  Hay at last!  We went home and ride the bus.  He just sleep in the aircon bus and thank God he did not do more tantrums. 

How about you?  How was your day with your kid?

World Blogger’s Day Celebrated

I didn't know that there was a celebration of World Blogger's Day, not until last week.  There was a post in a blog community about World Blogger's Day.  Since I'm just starting to come out of my shell and I wanted some good exposure in the blogosphere, I checked in the site and put my name on the RSVP of the event confirming that I'll be attending.  Of course there are other commitments that I planned before the event just to make the day worth it.
The day came, which of course I did some of the planned activities but not nearly everything. I went to the event and was surprised that there was almost no one there. So I was kind of confused if I did get the right information. I checked the information, rented in an internet cafĂ© because I don’t have any laptop (yet!), and found out that I was in the right place. Look around and noticed that there were some that are lurking around the area. Anyway I still waited, hoping to find some familiar faces. Unfortunately, none seems to register.

Finally, I’ve noticed that there were some people already sitting on the chairs behind the tables. There were card boards that say BLOGGER’S AREA. So I went there and talk to the people sitting behind the tables. Few more minutes, other bloggers came and few more minutes the organizer came (Peace Az!), it was Azrael of AzraelsMerryLand. He spearheaded the celebration in Manila area while others do their celebration in Cebu.
worldbloggersday1 worldbloggersday2
The World Blogger’s Day celebration is quite different from the usual events that I have attended, commonly there are invited speakers talking about the theme of the celebration but on this particular event it’s different. Azrael made a very interesting twist, instead of us listening to talks of invited speakers we, the attendees, became the speakers. It’s more of an intimate discussion, giving the privilege to all the bloggers especially to newbie to exhale some words out of their thumping heart.
worldbloggersday4 worldbloggersday3
The World Blogger’s Day is themed as “The Roles of Bloggers”. The big group discussion revolved around the theme, making each and everyone explain how they became a blogger, why they became a blogger and their roles as a blogger. It was a fruitful discussion though sometimes there are distractions.

This is the first time that I attended an event in Araneta Cubao. I remember when I was still a kid my parents use to bring me here. We watch movies, play games in the carnival which was the main attraction during its high time, and we do shopping. When it comes to shopping good value shoes we would always go to Shoe Mart. That was what we commonly call SM during that time.
worldbloggersday6 worldbloggersday5
SM City Cubao Cyberzone Area is the venue for the World Blogger’s Day and they did provide a good area for the bloggers to convene. Another good perks at SM City is their free WiFi which is great for those bloggers who have brought their laptops and as for me, I’ll be having a laptop very soon. Hehehe! Of course an event would usually have food and it was graciously provided by Mang Inasal branch inside SM City Cubao. Bloggers have their moment of networking while having an early dinner at Mang Inasal branch.worldbloggersday7
I think it was common that first celebration doesn’t always come with a bang but first time has always its mark in history specifically the blogging history in the Philippines.
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