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Tuesday, January 31

Checking Botanical Slimming

Foods are what most Dads crave very much. Events wouldn't be enjoyed without foods and a little bit of grown up drinks to digest those intakes.

Last holiday, we did have a food blast, as a result cholesterols and weight gains. I sure did notice it because I felt uneasy and experienced dizziness but wasn’t sure much of the problem. This led me to consult to a doctor. Various laboratory test and consultation were done just to know more about it.

It was heightened cholesterol triggered the dizziness. I was advised to take medicines for two months.

I thought of having some weight loss regimen to get rid of the fats and cholesterol but of course I wanted to have it as safety as possible. Checking on some, there are quite a number to choose from but one of them catches my attention because of the name Botanical Slimming Capsule. I’m not very sure about it so I tried to research and know more facts about it. Unfortunately, this is not good for some who has these problems.

  • Pregnant women and infants. 
  • Children under 18 years. People over 65 years. 
  • People with high blood pressure. People with cardiovascular disease. P
  • eople with kidney and liver failure.

This means I’m not allowed to intake one of this maybe I’ll just try to do some exercise and my prescribed medicines.

Just a reminder always consult your doctor when you’re not feeling well and if you’re taking medicines that you weren’t sure about the effects and side effects.

Monday, January 30

Monday Rush: Pendings

It's Monday once more and I just been busy with some of the things that I need to patch up.  After a few days of night shift with our baby Gelo I'm just starting to finish things again.  We were very much thankful that our baby is well now after having measles.

For those whom I wasn't able to finish my tasks, especially to my beloved organization, my apologies.  I wasn't able to complete the site.  It was supposed to be launched during the founding anniversary celebration.  Hay very much disappointed with my schedules.   Anyway to all the movers out there Happy Anniversary!  Let's keep the and dare to be different.

Another thing, I'm praying when will I get to buy a brand new desktop pc or a laptop, which ever comes first and which ever will suffice the need for my other income generation gimmick.

Praying to finish things before the end of this week.

Saturday, January 28

Daddy Day Care: Time With Gelo

Just a video clip of me and my son Gelo during one of the daddy day care time.  

Friday, January 27

Friday Toys: Optimus Prime

Last December, one of Maki's Godfather gave a gift, it was a Transformer toy collectible.  The action figure is very much well known and I think if you ask a kid would definitely answer back the name of the character.  The name of the character is Optimus Prime.  The very brave and intelligent leader of the autobots.  I'm a great fan of this animated series which was later on created into the big screen with high end 3d animation and effects.

The action figure, of course, has labels on the packaging and it says clearly for ages 5+ and it also says a warning Choking Hazard-Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.  These are good warnings that parents should always look onto but of course parents should always watch their kids when they are playing because you'll never know when things can happen.  Just a safety precaution.

Since Maki has not yet turned 5 will just have to let him enjoy looking at it and besides he still got lots of toys to play with.  For now, it will be on display mode for Maki and at least he'll still have a new toy when he open that one.

Oh before I forgot this toy packaging comes with a 3D glasses and there are 3D images that can be seen on their site.

Check website at to find more about the Transformers toys or you can also visit their Hasbro Inc. Facebook Page.

An extract remarks a north.

Get Pimped: Dads Office Space

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Contest Factory for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
To all Dads who work in a very messy office, here’s your chance to get your office or your cubicle cleaned up.   Contest Factory is running a very nice event for not only Dads but all the working class out there, it is called Pimp My Cube Contest.
Pimp My Cube is looking for the most messy and worst cubicle or office.  So talked about broken furniture, old age office technology, unorganized filing cabinet and a very bad working environment.  They wanted people to join and upload a video of their nasty and horrible office.  Of course it should have some of the details why it is horrible and why it is so important that Contest Factory will come in and PIMP their cubicle.  Once it is done the participant will get sweepstakes entry points not only for registering but also for voting, commenting, and inviting others to register and join the contest.
So what will be the prize of this contest?  Well, the grand prize is approximately $1,200 in value.  The prize is to update the participant’s office/ workspace/ cube with one of the three prize packages.
  • New high end computer system
  • New desk, chair and decorations
  • New entertainment package with high end stereo, espresso machine etc.
There’s also a second sweepstakes prize of a $200 gift card will be awarded to the registered user chosen by random drawing at the end of the contest period.

The period is from December 5, 2011 up to January 31, 2012 at 12:00 PM.  So those who would want to join you still got a few days left more.  So what are you waiting for, start making your video and upload it here. To know more about this just visit they site at Contest Factory.
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Saturday, January 21

Daddy Day Care: Relative's Birthday Party

Last week, our Grandfather (my mother's uncle) called and inform us that we're invited to the party of his grandson, Thomas.  Quite unclear of the details I said that we will be there for the celebration.

Since it was Saturday, we thought that it is okay for our family to get some time together on the birthday party.  They are my mothers cousins, so we were supposed to call them aunts and uncle.  So, Thomas was our cousin and my two sons should call him uncle and his parents are my sons grandparents already but they don't want to be called Lolo and Lola, instead they wanted to be called aunt and uncle only.  Just like our relatives in Hawaii, Auntie Tammy and the others. They wanted to be called aunt only.

The celebration was in Jollibee and of course Maki and Gelo looked at Jollibee very closely.  Unfortunately, Maki was so very shy and he doesn't want to join in parlor games.   Hay.... When will he be sociable?

It was really to meet other relatives and also for our kids to meet their aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

Friday, January 20

Dads and Moms Get Savings On Meds

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


Calling all Dads and Moms!  If you’re residing in the US, this is a great opportunity for you to save on your family’s medical needs.   This is to introduce first about this specific brand in the US that caters to the needs of their patrons, consumers and buyers.

Walgreens is a premier pharmacy which was founded in 1901 and was started by Charles R. Walgreen, Sr.  They begin their neighborhood drugstore with just a measurement of 50 feet by 20 feet catering to their buyers and consumers.  Now, they are one of the known companies in pharmaceutical industry and as well as in retail service.

At present, Walgreens is taking their services to the online community of Moms and Dads.  Since most Moms and Dads are mostly engaged online, this is Walgreens chance to further reach more consumers, members and buyers.  They are offering a special discount on annual membership for its Prescription Savings Club.  For those who want to be a member consumers and buyers can avail and get the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club

For $10 a year if you’re a member with family membership it covers everyone in your immediate family.  This includes your spouse, dependents who are 22 and younger and also your pets.   Aside from this individuals can also join for just low as $5.  So, get your Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens.

Here are some of the benefits members can get.

  • Saving on more than 8,000 brand-name and all generic medications
  • Discounts on flue shots, pet prescriptions, nebulizers and diabetic supplies
  • Bonuses when you purchase Walgreens brand products and photofinishing services

If you want to know more about what Walgreens offering check their website at You can also follow Walgreens on Twitter and Walgreens on Facebook for more updates. 

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Tuesday, January 17

Featured Blog: Life Can't Wait

Today, we are featuring Life Can't Wait blog.  It seems that I did run out of words to say to some of the blogs that I have encountered.  For this particular blog, I could say that it is indeed Life Can't Wait.  Life doesn't wait in particular!  Our life is a continuous flow we cannot turn back or return to undo things and I'm not sure if time machine could really undo things when you get back in time.  

I don't have much knowledge about the author but name is Marice according to some of our correspondence and I don't know who was mizhelle, perhaps I'll ask next time from her.

Her blog tackles almost anything about her and her family's experiences, of course her as well being a woman.  Maybe if you want to know more of her better click the link Life Can't Wait and read posts.

Breastfeeding Matters

First of all I'm a DAD so let's just make it clear. Okay!

What's the fuss with breastfeeding?  Well, as my usual routine of checking on my email at I was able to read one of the articles there that talks about Sesame Street teaching kids about breastfeeding.   Not a big commotion but this topic seems to be taking it's noise on a different level.

First let's put in first what is about breastfeeding.  According to what I always notice when my wife feeds our baby, breastfeeding is the way of feeding an infant with breast milk directly from the female human breasts rather than a feeding bottle.   Since babies don't have the ability yet to consume solid foods milk is their essential need.  Breast milks are much better because it has all the nutrients that babies need to be strong and healthy.

Okay back to the topic about Sesame Street.  Since Sesame Street is the most watched TV show for kids I think there's nothing wrong with it being a medium to information kids and mothers as well the importance of breastfeeding.  I think Sesame Street producers only wanted to let the parent and child relationship more open. Aside from that it is the reality and whether we like it or not kids will always ask about those matters so it's better to be open than hiding it from them or letting them get the wrong perception about the matter.  Another thing is that at least kids would know what to feed to babies.  It will also avoid any accidents when kids are joined with the babies.

Above is a portion of the Sesame Street episode where Buffy (the Mom) is nursing to her child Cody and she's telling it to Big Bird.  For me there's nothing wrong with it and besides there was no breast exposure on it.  Perhaps it's just a matter of how it is shown.  I usually find other moms who breastfeed but wasn't exposing any part of the skin.

I think with the present situation or the generation of today are much better taught about the reality of life in a proper and right manner rather than telling them about the bees and flowers.  Curiosity kills and that's what happened to most teens, they get into danger because of their curiosity.

Friday, January 13

Friday Toys: What's In for 2012?

Hooray for 2012!  A new beginning for kids who loves toys.  Of course not only kids but also for the feeling kids.  Since this is a new year, we might as well check out what are the possible "IN TOYS" for 2012.

Before buying any toys for your kids always make sure that it is properly labelled, appropriate for the kids, and of course your kids love it.

So what parents and kids should expect this 2012?

Since the movie Alvin and Chipmunks 3: Chipwrecked were already shown or still showing, there are still toy sections that selling the Alvin and Chipmunks merchandise.  From small pbc action figure to plush toys and they even have the pictures and designs on baby and kids clothes as well.

I believed there were also toys of Alvin and the Chipmunks on every Happy Meal at McDonalds.  Of course there's only one on every Happy Meal.

Perhaps another toys that would be "IN" is the Avengers Characters.  Since last year lots of Avengers action figures are already being sold on different toy stores and perhaps it will totally hit the market this year for the showing of the Avengers Movie.

So let's assume that all merchandises will have the design and photos of all the Avengers Characters.

For now this are what I think that will hit the toy industry this 2012.  I do hope that toy manufacturers will let us have another set of toys for review.

Tuesday, January 10

Getting Kids to Listen

The other day (I think), I was watching one of the episode of Spoon and the guest was Andrew E.  There were one part of the episode that is the eating portion and of course the sharing of thoughts and ideas of the guest and the host (Janice).  One of the ideas that Andrew E. shared was about his experience with his kids.  The reality when kids did something Moms first reaction is to shout and they wanted immediate response from the kids which causes the kids not to listen but according to Andrew E's experience he just whisper to his kids for them to really realize and understand about the matter. It's a very good point of view for a celebrity Dad.  He even did give other tips and ideas.  Perhaps parents should watch that episode and learn more.

My son, Maki, is already 4 years old.  Both, Mommy and I, are really having a hard time making him listen to us.  Aside from him being active and talkative his really not much of a listener.  I think we have tried most of the child-friendly ways to persuade him to listen to us but it seems that it's not working much on him.  Perhaps we need more suggestion and information on how to make him listen to us.  There were some time that he would listen if one of us, Mommy and I, are not around. 

I don't know much how other parents are doing with their kid, especially with this age.  I'm very much hoping to hear some of their ways and their parenting. 

Monday, January 9

Monday Rush: I'm Back

2012!  Another New Year and another journey.  Another event in my life to be thankful to the Lord.

Last year, the weekly posting of Daddy Yashiro's Journal has been opted due to some demands needed to be addressed.  I have been busy on some other things that I didn't know if will lead me to something else.  Fortunately, it does.  Somehow.  In return is the incapacity to update this personal and parenting blog.  I'm sure most of the readers have missed my weekly post.  Perhaps after some assessment and of course the trending 2012 resolution, it is high time to start a new with most of the blog post that I will be posting here.

Okay, to start for the first month of the year I will be reviving most of the weekly scheduled topic that I have set on this blog.    So the weekly scheduled topics are...
Monday Rush
Tuesday Parenting
Wednesday Family Affairs
Thursday Memory Lane
Friday Toys
Saturday Daddy Day Care
Sunday Message

I will be making this blog a little bit busy everyday and every week and I do hope to provide good information and lessons to most of the mom and dad readers.

So, to start with the Monday Rush at last I am back and getting back on posting regularly again is somewhat I have missed over the past few days.

Today is Monday and I am supposed to be in the office working my eight to five schedule but unfortunately I am not feeling well.  The yearly feeling of sickness has strike again and it has caused me to be dizzy and experience extreme headache since Tuesday last week.  Though I can somehow suppressed the dizziness the headache is really unbearable on the third and fourth day.  I went to the doctor for a check up last Friday and up to today I'm still quite dizzy with slight headache.  I have gone to laboratory testing and will be back tomorrow for the results of the labs and for follow up check up.

As initial findings of one of the doctors which I have consulted perhaps it is a cluster migraine, which is mostly experienced on an scheduled repeat of headaches that would last for one to two weeks.  I do pray that the result of the lab tomorrow will not be as bad as it is.

For now I'm continuously praying for the result.

Sunday, January 1

Dad's Thought of 2011

As I was doing this blog post and as it is my ought to do so to provide a little thought of the year that was, I'm not feeling well and it seems that the whole world is revolving around me. Though I'm feeling the persistent pain, which I am not yet sure of what it is I still want to update some of my blogs for the followers and readers.

The year 2011 has brought many things in my life as a father. The patience, perseverance, and the trust in the Lord has been my learning and weapon as I travel my 2011 journey.

Blessings and trials have completed my 2011 journey. I'm thankful to the Lord for everything that He has given. Perhaps a little enumeration of the blessings and trials that completed myself and my journey. It is always said the we should count our blessings and share whatever we receive to others.

Blessings... and... Trials...

The number one on my list of course what else but the birth of our second child, Gelo Malikha. Another great baby that the Lord has given to us.  Though there were also trials that comes with it as it tests our faith to God.   As we get through the financial and emotional trial, family and friends were there with us, even some of my online friends who have shared their blessings and extended their help.

The safe delivery through C Section of my wife. Though she experience bleeding, the Lord God has covered her with His guidance and she get through with the delivery.

Our family's life is one of the blessings.

Our financial status, which somehow we were able to pay some of our debts.  And we were very much thankful to those who we are very much indebted and who really understand our situation.

The blogging community, which have helped us meet new friends and acquaintances.  They also have opened new doors for us.

Our earnings through blogging in which somehow augmented most of our daily needs.

My work, which is my source of income.
These are the blessings and trials that me and my family had gone through the year 2011.

For whatever lies beyond the year 2012, me and my family will hold on to the promise of God.
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