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Monday, January 9

Monday Rush: I'm Back

2012!  Another New Year and another journey.  Another event in my life to be thankful to the Lord.

Last year, the weekly posting of Daddy Yashiro's Journal has been opted due to some demands needed to be addressed.  I have been busy on some other things that I didn't know if will lead me to something else.  Fortunately, it does.  Somehow.  In return is the incapacity to update this personal and parenting blog.  I'm sure most of the readers have missed my weekly post.  Perhaps after some assessment and of course the trending 2012 resolution, it is high time to start a new with most of the blog post that I will be posting here.

Okay, to start for the first month of the year I will be reviving most of the weekly scheduled topic that I have set on this blog.    So the weekly scheduled topics are...
Monday Rush
Tuesday Parenting
Wednesday Family Affairs
Thursday Memory Lane
Friday Toys
Saturday Daddy Day Care
Sunday Message

I will be making this blog a little bit busy everyday and every week and I do hope to provide good information and lessons to most of the mom and dad readers.

So, to start with the Monday Rush at last I am back and getting back on posting regularly again is somewhat I have missed over the past few days.

Today is Monday and I am supposed to be in the office working my eight to five schedule but unfortunately I am not feeling well.  The yearly feeling of sickness has strike again and it has caused me to be dizzy and experience extreme headache since Tuesday last week.  Though I can somehow suppressed the dizziness the headache is really unbearable on the third and fourth day.  I went to the doctor for a check up last Friday and up to today I'm still quite dizzy with slight headache.  I have gone to laboratory testing and will be back tomorrow for the results of the labs and for follow up check up.

As initial findings of one of the doctors which I have consulted perhaps it is a cluster migraine, which is mostly experienced on an scheduled repeat of headaches that would last for one to two weeks.  I do pray that the result of the lab tomorrow will not be as bad as it is.

For now I'm continuously praying for the result.
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