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Saturday, January 21

Daddy Day Care: Relative's Birthday Party

Last week, our Grandfather (my mother's uncle) called and inform us that we're invited to the party of his grandson, Thomas.  Quite unclear of the details I said that we will be there for the celebration.

Since it was Saturday, we thought that it is okay for our family to get some time together on the birthday party.  They are my mothers cousins, so we were supposed to call them aunts and uncle.  So, Thomas was our cousin and my two sons should call him uncle and his parents are my sons grandparents already but they don't want to be called Lolo and Lola, instead they wanted to be called aunt and uncle only.  Just like our relatives in Hawaii, Auntie Tammy and the others. They wanted to be called aunt only.

The celebration was in Jollibee and of course Maki and Gelo looked at Jollibee very closely.  Unfortunately, Maki was so very shy and he doesn't want to join in parlor games.   Hay.... When will he be sociable?

It was really to meet other relatives and also for our kids to meet their aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

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