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Sunday, January 1

Dad's Thought of 2011

As I was doing this blog post and as it is my ought to do so to provide a little thought of the year that was, I'm not feeling well and it seems that the whole world is revolving around me. Though I'm feeling the persistent pain, which I am not yet sure of what it is I still want to update some of my blogs for the followers and readers.

The year 2011 has brought many things in my life as a father. The patience, perseverance, and the trust in the Lord has been my learning and weapon as I travel my 2011 journey.

Blessings and trials have completed my 2011 journey. I'm thankful to the Lord for everything that He has given. Perhaps a little enumeration of the blessings and trials that completed myself and my journey. It is always said the we should count our blessings and share whatever we receive to others.

Blessings... and... Trials...

The number one on my list of course what else but the birth of our second child, Gelo Malikha. Another great baby that the Lord has given to us.  Though there were also trials that comes with it as it tests our faith to God.   As we get through the financial and emotional trial, family and friends were there with us, even some of my online friends who have shared their blessings and extended their help.

The safe delivery through C Section of my wife. Though she experience bleeding, the Lord God has covered her with His guidance and she get through with the delivery.

Our family's life is one of the blessings.

Our financial status, which somehow we were able to pay some of our debts.  And we were very much thankful to those who we are very much indebted and who really understand our situation.

The blogging community, which have helped us meet new friends and acquaintances.  They also have opened new doors for us.

Our earnings through blogging in which somehow augmented most of our daily needs.

My work, which is my source of income.
These are the blessings and trials that me and my family had gone through the year 2011.

For whatever lies beyond the year 2012, me and my family will hold on to the promise of God.
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