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Tuesday, January 17

Featured Blog: Life Can't Wait

Today, we are featuring Life Can't Wait blog.  It seems that I did run out of words to say to some of the blogs that I have encountered.  For this particular blog, I could say that it is indeed Life Can't Wait.  Life doesn't wait in particular!  Our life is a continuous flow we cannot turn back or return to undo things and I'm not sure if time machine could really undo things when you get back in time.  

I don't have much knowledge about the author but name is Marice according to some of our correspondence and I don't know who was mizhelle, perhaps I'll ask next time from her.

Her blog tackles almost anything about her and her family's experiences, of course her as well being a woman.  Maybe if you want to know more of her better click the link Life Can't Wait and read posts.
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