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Friday, January 27

Friday Toys: Optimus Prime

Last December, one of Maki's Godfather gave a gift, it was a Transformer toy collectible.  The action figure is very much well known and I think if you ask a kid would definitely answer back the name of the character.  The name of the character is Optimus Prime.  The very brave and intelligent leader of the autobots.  I'm a great fan of this animated series which was later on created into the big screen with high end 3d animation and effects.

The action figure, of course, has labels on the packaging and it says clearly for ages 5+ and it also says a warning Choking Hazard-Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.  These are good warnings that parents should always look onto but of course parents should always watch their kids when they are playing because you'll never know when things can happen.  Just a safety precaution.

Since Maki has not yet turned 5 will just have to let him enjoy looking at it and besides he still got lots of toys to play with.  For now, it will be on display mode for Maki and at least he'll still have a new toy when he open that one.

Oh before I forgot this toy packaging comes with a 3D glasses and there are 3D images that can be seen on their site.

Check website at to find more about the Transformers toys or you can also visit their Hasbro Inc. Facebook Page.

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