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Monday, January 30

Monday Rush: Pendings

It's Monday once more and I just been busy with some of the things that I need to patch up.  After a few days of night shift with our baby Gelo I'm just starting to finish things again.  We were very much thankful that our baby is well now after having measles.

For those whom I wasn't able to finish my tasks, especially to my beloved organization, my apologies.  I wasn't able to complete the site.  It was supposed to be launched during the founding anniversary celebration.  Hay very much disappointed with my schedules.   Anyway to all the movers out there Happy Anniversary!  Let's keep the and dare to be different.

Another thing, I'm praying when will I get to buy a brand new desktop pc or a laptop, which ever comes first and which ever will suffice the need for my other income generation gimmick.

Praying to finish things before the end of this week.
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