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Tuesday, February 28

A Toddler Squeezed In a Vending Machine

How many of you, parents, experienced something extraordinary happened to your kids?  I'm we do have lots of different incidents and it is for something that well remember.

One toddler did something really extraordinary when he wanted to have a plush toy of spongebob in one of the vending machines in a restaurant.  He was so determined that he went in through the retrieval gate and climb up inside the area where the plush toys and lollies are placed.  Here's the picture from 

According to the mother the kid was really adventurous.

I don't really remember if my eldest son did something similar to this.  I would definitely don't want to see my kid inside of a vending machine.

Saturday, February 25

Daddy Day Care: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Daddy Day Care and Daddy Yashiro has headache!  No LPG in the house which forced me to cook on charcoal.  Whew!  Very hard to cook on this one.  It takes time to cook those dishes.  I think I cooked breakfast and lunch, straight without putting off the heat.  Anyway, I still manage to cook it off.

While cooking we did had our breakfast and right before the clock strikes twelve I was finished cooking our lunch.  Menu, "Nilagang Buto-Buto"!  Not really sure how it is called in English but it is boiled ribs with baguio pechay and potatoes.  I think it taste just well because my wife ate it.

Dinner time!  Well, we had our dinner at Sbarro since we still have GC to spend with.  It was really a tummy filler.  Thanks God for the blessings!

Friday, February 24

Friday Toys: Squirt, Gelo's Time

This was Maki when he was still a baby and the one his holding is the character "Squirt" of the animated series for kids entitled "Miss Spider's Sunny Patch".    It was four years ago and this time it's Gelo's time to play with "Squirt".  Good thing that the motors of the toy is still working, all it needs is batteries to let it giggle again. 

I have been looking toys like this in the local toy stores but I couldn't find any.  So perhaps it is not available here or I have not look very much.  Anyway if you seen something like this or some of the other characters please do tell us.  We want to at least have some other characters aside Squirt.

Monday, February 20

Monday Rush: Baby is Awake

As always, Monday is rush time for me.  It is the beginning of the week where I would always go hurry in the morning to catch up with the company service.  It's really hard to commute.

This morning though it was already 6 am the weather outside is very much cloudy and cold.  It is still dark so if you're just going to rely time on visual you would probably get really really late.   And besides a cold weather would really put you more into bed.  Brrr!

Around 4:30 or 5 is the usual wake up time of our youngest.  It's really hard for Mommy to prepare breakfast when our baby is awake so I would have to carry him first so that Mommy could do her thing.  Though running late I still want to kiss and cuddle our little one.  Tic.. tac.. tic.. tac.. tic.. tac..!

Sunday, February 19

Daddy Day Care: Covering An Event With Maki

It's rare that I bring along my kids with when covering an event, of course bringing your little ones will for sure get you off of what you are supposed to do as a blogger.  But fortunately, Saturday event was inclined with family affairs and since it's Daddy Day Care time I bring along Maki with me.   I just talked to him that he should behave while Daddy is covering the event.

The 3-day Sale of SM City Sta. Mesa is the event to cover and there's an odd feeling coming back to the place where I used to stroll around while waiting for the next class.  Yes! My school is just a short ride away from SM City Sta. Mesa.  But it's really nice reminiscing old memories.

When we got to the place I immediately coordinated with SM City Sta. Mesa staff (his name is Jack) and proceeded by covering first the parade which Maki enjoyed seeing those mascot.  Of course Maki sees his favourite, none other than Jollibee, and some other mascots waving hi to everybody.   After the parade, we roam around the mall and we did spent most of the time at the for kids and toy section of the department store.  Truly, there were great buys and good discounts.  There was an item that Maki would love to have but I said sorry to him because it's not in the range of our budget for that day.  Good thing that my kid can be convinced and talked to easily.  He just wave his hands and said bye-bye to that mini table set for kids.

After that tiring and leg cracking walk around the mall scouting for the item that we would love to buy, we met with  Jack and introduced us to the franchise owner of the Adobo Connection and of course had our early dinner.  From the name of the place it really sound Pinoy because of the adobo.

From their list of different adobo types I was able to taste some of their dishes.  Since I really enjoyed dishes cooked with coconut milk I get to try their Adobo sa Gata which is a chicken cooked in a normal adobo style and mixed with coconut milk.  I also get a choice whether to make it spicy or not, since I had Maki with me I choose the not spicy one.  Afterwards we were offered desserts and I picked the Pandan Jelly.  It got an ice toppings and Maki ate all those ice cream and left me with the Pandan Jelly.  Hay kids....

A 3-Day Sale would not be complete without some show and performances from different celebrities, so for that day they have Aaron Villena hosted by one of the DJs of Tambayan 101.9 FM DJ Jasmin.  Fans did make that ear busting shriek when Aaron Villena started singing and moving towards the audience.

Anyway, Maki and I did have a wonderful day at SM City Sta. Mesa!

Friday, February 17

Friday Toys: Star Wars X-Wing Creation on Food

Image from

Oops this is not actually a toy but it is something to toy at by the kids especially if parents are getting a hard time feeding their kids with nutritious foods.  This cool Star Wars X-Wing Silicon Ice Tray does not only mold water but it can also mold jellies as well.  Parents can also try making some fruit shakes and freeze it to be molded as a X-Wing fighter ship.  Bonding time will sure be fun and imaginative!

This product is made out of a soft and flexible silicone mold that is perfect enough to produce edibles that are not made out of ice.  Good example is a homemade chocolate.  This item is also oven and microwave safe, so baking star wars cookies are also on top of the list.

It can be bought at this link Star Wars X-Wing Silicon Ice Tray for about £9.99.   About the shipping just inquire at link how much it is.


Monday, February 13

Monday Rush: List of Worries

Monday was always full for me.  After the 8 to 5 work, I still need to do other stuff for my other source of income.  Having a broken PC in the house does really gives a huge backlog.  I have lots of pending work to be done and aside from a lot of worries to list down.  Hay...

I never thought everything would be so hard without the personal computer in the house.  The PC did really surrendered and needed a new replacement for that I need to do some manual writing of pending articles and projects.  I just do hope that I could finish all of it without sacrificing the quality.

Here are some of worries to think about especially now that I don't have means to do my work online.
For the computer

  • New Motherboard
  • New Processor
  • New DDR
  • New Hard Disc

Good thing that the casing, power supply and DVD writer are still okay.  Less expense on it.

For the online jobs

  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Reviews
  • Project Proposals
  • Graphic designs
Now tell me, how would I be able to do all this things without a computer in the house.  

These are really the things to be worry about.  

Saturday, February 11

Daddy Day Care: Gelo's 9th Month

It was a rough day for us because aside from being financially broke my youngest son doesn't feel well.  Problems after problems and we didn't know how long we can hold on to but all we know is that God always answers prayers and He does provide what we need.  Short on finances, no computer to use, no groceries, no diaper and we couldn't get the rise subsidy.  Hay... that's our struggle.  One more thing it's Gelo's 9th month.

I was like a magician that day, creating something to suffice our needs.  It is indeed God never forsake us because though we may not have enough He was able to provide something for Gelo's 9th  Month and for some of our groceries.  My mother said "who says your broke? God always provide!" she's indeed right.  God provide things in different ways and that we were able to at least have a little family gatherings for Gelo's 9th Month.

Tuesday, February 7

What To Do When Babies Catches Colds?

Babies are really fragile and could not easily tell to parents what they feel and how they feel.  Which is sometimes really hard for parents to know what is happening to their babies.  It is indeed hard to know and I get to experience it as a Dad who's not always there with children.  So as often as I could I spent time with them.

The common illness that babies experience is the common cold.  According to what I have read in, most of the children experience eight to ten colds in their first two years.  It is basically common but it is a nuisance for babies so as parents what we need to do is to make them comfortable so that their bodies can fight the virus.

Here are some tips from on what to do to help babies feel better when they have colds.

  • Allow plenty of rest.  Of course they needs it and they may nap for longer hours.
  • Place a few towels or a crib wedge under the end of their mattress to elevate their head a little and make breathing easier.
  • Give them a warm bath.  I'm sure most of the traditional Moms wouldn't do this especially when their traditional in-laws are with them.
  • Keep them hydrated with breast milk, formula, or water. 
  • Use over-the-counter saline drops and a rubber bulb syringe to loosen and remove mucus from their nose.
  • Put a humidifier or cool-mist vaporizer in their room, or bring them with you (Moms) into a steamy bathroom or shower for about 15 minutes to help clear their breathing passages.
  • In any case always consult your baby's doctor before giving any medicines.  

Our babies safety are our priority as parents.  We need to keep them safe and healthy.

Sunday, February 5

Appetite for the Soul: True Faith vs Claiming To Have Faith

Sunday has always been my refuge because it is were I normally voice out to God what are my emotions and what are my problems.  This is were I sing freely every time the whole congregation sing praises to God.  This is my sanctuary against all our difficulties.

This Sunday's Message does make me learn something that a Christian should now.  We are all Christians and what differentiate us our acceptance of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour.   If we have already and truly surrendered ourselves to the Lord, we have already accepted the Gift of God.  We are no longer sinners because God had already washed that sins.  The only thing is that we are in the realm of this earth where we are tempted to do that sins again.  We are fragile and if we're not constantly praying and doing our duties as a Christian that's where we fall and become weak.

Here's the verse of the message...

 Matthew 5:14-16
14 “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. 16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

...and the title of the message was "True Faith vs Claiming To Have Faith" .

This are the main focal point of the message...

  1. Faith demonstrates good.
  2. Faith believes in God.
  3. Faith produces righteousness.

This is what I can share for now and prayerfully this will sink in to those who will be able to read.  Meditate on the verses and pray!

I'll be praying for a video camera so that next time I will be able to record the entire message.  Pray for and for my family as well as strive hard with our difficult situation.  GOD is Good All The Time!

Saturday, February 4

Daddy Day Care: Milk and Diaper

Saturday has always been a busy day for me and my wife.  Taking care of the kids, cleaning the house, and lots of different chores that need to be done.   Unlike before, we only take care Maki but now they're two and most of our time in the morning was spent for them.  Of course they to have their breakfast, Gelo needs a walk which most of the time taken cared by his grandfather, my father, and of course they need to take a bath.   That's our routine from morning till afternoon if we're in the house.

With the two kids, Milk and diaper is the most important.  Of course milk for Gelo is his food and for Maki it is  his additional nutrients.  Though Gelo was breast fed most of the time when his Mommy is in the house, still he would get formulated milk.  So we're kind of mixing it because Mommy does work during day time and Gelo only gets breast milk during night time or when Mommy is in the house.  Diaper!  Ah... the dreaded and awful diaper after use.  Well, good that there's a diaper to use for the baby but of course we don't use it that much sometimes, especially if Gelo has rashes, it's really uncomfortable for the baby if he has rashes.

So, basically milk and diaper are the essential needs of our kids, we'd better less of food and stuff in the house just to have those needs of our kids.

How about you, what do you usually provide for your kids?

Friday, February 3

Friday Toys: Taggies Grabby Elephant

Friday Toys now is not only for my eldest but also for my little angel, our youngest, our baby and having toys for him really do need some few requirements to keep him safe while playing.  Since Gelo is already 8th month old, his hands are starting to get a hold of anything that he reaches and after that he does waving it around.  Sometimes he even hit himself, imagine what will happen if it is something hard and rough.

Good that there are companies and stores that provide soft and gentle toys for our little one.  Plush toys are one of them that babies can enjoy biting, grabbing and waving around. has one toy that babies can grab and hold.

This Grabby Elephant by Taggies can sure enjoy by my son Gelo.  If you want to have one just visit their site at and it's now only Ph999.00 or $23.23.

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