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Saturday, February 11

Daddy Day Care: Gelo's 9th Month

It was a rough day for us because aside from being financially broke my youngest son doesn't feel well.  Problems after problems and we didn't know how long we can hold on to but all we know is that God always answers prayers and He does provide what we need.  Short on finances, no computer to use, no groceries, no diaper and we couldn't get the rise subsidy.  Hay... that's our struggle.  One more thing it's Gelo's 9th month.

I was like a magician that day, creating something to suffice our needs.  It is indeed God never forsake us because though we may not have enough He was able to provide something for Gelo's 9th  Month and for some of our groceries.  My mother said "who says your broke? God always provide!" she's indeed right.  God provide things in different ways and that we were able to at least have a little family gatherings for Gelo's 9th Month.

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