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Saturday, February 4

Daddy Day Care: Milk and Diaper

Saturday has always been a busy day for me and my wife.  Taking care of the kids, cleaning the house, and lots of different chores that need to be done.   Unlike before, we only take care Maki but now they're two and most of our time in the morning was spent for them.  Of course they to have their breakfast, Gelo needs a walk which most of the time taken cared by his grandfather, my father, and of course they need to take a bath.   That's our routine from morning till afternoon if we're in the house.

With the two kids, Milk and diaper is the most important.  Of course milk for Gelo is his food and for Maki it is  his additional nutrients.  Though Gelo was breast fed most of the time when his Mommy is in the house, still he would get formulated milk.  So we're kind of mixing it because Mommy does work during day time and Gelo only gets breast milk during night time or when Mommy is in the house.  Diaper!  Ah... the dreaded and awful diaper after use.  Well, good that there's a diaper to use for the baby but of course we don't use it that much sometimes, especially if Gelo has rashes, it's really uncomfortable for the baby if he has rashes.

So, basically milk and diaper are the essential needs of our kids, we'd better less of food and stuff in the house just to have those needs of our kids.

How about you, what do you usually provide for your kids?

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