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Friday, February 17

Friday Toys: Star Wars X-Wing Creation on Food

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Oops this is not actually a toy but it is something to toy at by the kids especially if parents are getting a hard time feeding their kids with nutritious foods.  This cool Star Wars X-Wing Silicon Ice Tray does not only mold water but it can also mold jellies as well.  Parents can also try making some fruit shakes and freeze it to be molded as a X-Wing fighter ship.  Bonding time will sure be fun and imaginative!

This product is made out of a soft and flexible silicone mold that is perfect enough to produce edibles that are not made out of ice.  Good example is a homemade chocolate.  This item is also oven and microwave safe, so baking star wars cookies are also on top of the list.

It can be bought at this link Star Wars X-Wing Silicon Ice Tray for about £9.99.   About the shipping just inquire at link how much it is.


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