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Friday, February 3

Friday Toys: Taggies Grabby Elephant

Friday Toys now is not only for my eldest but also for my little angel, our youngest, our baby and having toys for him really do need some few requirements to keep him safe while playing.  Since Gelo is already 8th month old, his hands are starting to get a hold of anything that he reaches and after that he does waving it around.  Sometimes he even hit himself, imagine what will happen if it is something hard and rough.

Good that there are companies and stores that provide soft and gentle toys for our little one.  Plush toys are one of them that babies can enjoy biting, grabbing and waving around. has one toy that babies can grab and hold.

This Grabby Elephant by Taggies can sure enjoy by my son Gelo.  If you want to have one just visit their site at and it's now only Ph999.00 or $23.23.

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