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Monday, February 20

Monday Rush: Baby is Awake

As always, Monday is rush time for me.  It is the beginning of the week where I would always go hurry in the morning to catch up with the company service.  It's really hard to commute.

This morning though it was already 6 am the weather outside is very much cloudy and cold.  It is still dark so if you're just going to rely time on visual you would probably get really really late.   And besides a cold weather would really put you more into bed.  Brrr!

Around 4:30 or 5 is the usual wake up time of our youngest.  It's really hard for Mommy to prepare breakfast when our baby is awake so I would have to carry him first so that Mommy could do her thing.  Though running late I still want to kiss and cuddle our little one.  Tic.. tac.. tic.. tac.. tic.. tac..!
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