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Monday, February 13

Monday Rush: List of Worries

Monday was always full for me.  After the 8 to 5 work, I still need to do other stuff for my other source of income.  Having a broken PC in the house does really gives a huge backlog.  I have lots of pending work to be done and aside from a lot of worries to list down.  Hay...

I never thought everything would be so hard without the personal computer in the house.  The PC did really surrendered and needed a new replacement for that I need to do some manual writing of pending articles and projects.  I just do hope that I could finish all of it without sacrificing the quality.

Here are some of worries to think about especially now that I don't have means to do my work online.
For the computer

  • New Motherboard
  • New Processor
  • New DDR
  • New Hard Disc

Good thing that the casing, power supply and DVD writer are still okay.  Less expense on it.

For the online jobs

  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Reviews
  • Project Proposals
  • Graphic designs
Now tell me, how would I be able to do all this things without a computer in the house.  

These are really the things to be worry about.  
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