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Tuesday, February 7

What To Do When Babies Catches Colds?

Babies are really fragile and could not easily tell to parents what they feel and how they feel.  Which is sometimes really hard for parents to know what is happening to their babies.  It is indeed hard to know and I get to experience it as a Dad who's not always there with children.  So as often as I could I spent time with them.

The common illness that babies experience is the common cold.  According to what I have read in, most of the children experience eight to ten colds in their first two years.  It is basically common but it is a nuisance for babies so as parents what we need to do is to make them comfortable so that their bodies can fight the virus.

Here are some tips from on what to do to help babies feel better when they have colds.

  • Allow plenty of rest.  Of course they needs it and they may nap for longer hours.
  • Place a few towels or a crib wedge under the end of their mattress to elevate their head a little and make breathing easier.
  • Give them a warm bath.  I'm sure most of the traditional Moms wouldn't do this especially when their traditional in-laws are with them.
  • Keep them hydrated with breast milk, formula, or water. 
  • Use over-the-counter saline drops and a rubber bulb syringe to loosen and remove mucus from their nose.
  • Put a humidifier or cool-mist vaporizer in their room, or bring them with you (Moms) into a steamy bathroom or shower for about 15 minutes to help clear their breathing passages.
  • In any case always consult your baby's doctor before giving any medicines.  

Our babies safety are our priority as parents.  We need to keep them safe and healthy.

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