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Saturday, March 31

Daddy Day Care: Mall Tour With Maki

Mall tour?!  Nah! It's not the mall tour that you usually hear with the stars.  We're not that popular to get a mall tour with their fans waving but we actually did a mall tour, a tour of different malls in the metro.  Yup we did a tour of four different malls in the metro.  Since it's Saturday and as most of you already know that it's Daddy Day Care time and we don't have a nanny anymore so I tag along my kid with extra blogging gigs, besides I wanted my son to get exposed more on travelling to reduce his dizziness when having long hours of travel.

First stop, SM City Sta. Mesa!  We arrived at SM City Sta. Mesa right before lunch time and Maki was jumping with joy when we entered the mall.  Why? It's because Jollibee was there!  Of all the mascot's Jollibee is the mascot that Maki is not afraid off or should I say he has overcome with.  He do the high five with Jollibee and of course Maki got a snapshot with it too.

SM Sta. Mesa got a pay day sale today 'til Sunday.  As we all know people always look forward for that mid and end of the month where the working class get their hard earned money and because of that most establishments like SM Cita Sta. Mesa offers the best buys for these people.  To give worth of what they have earned.  We did roam around and tried to look for something, of course it will be for Maki and his little brother Malik (Gelo).  As we were strolling some portions of the mall were closed for renovation, perhaps they'll be making something more features and exciting stores for the masses.   Anyway we'll look forward to that and for the meantime we'll just have to bear with what's available.

Since it was lunch time already I ask my son to where we wants to eat and of course and since he bumped into Jollibee earlier he asks for Jollibee.  Good thing that he chose that because we're on a tight budget.  Hehehe!  Oh, by the way he also asked for a juice when we went to the food court and take note it's a calamansi juice.  Healthy!

Second stop, Trinoma!  From SM City Sta. Mesa we head on to Trinoma!  Maki did fell asleep on the jeep but was wide awake when ride the train.  Pretty nice that the crowd is lesser during that time.  A guy offered his seat for us and I let Maki set and instructed him to hold on the bars.

The event in Trinoma was all about skateboards and I did asked my son if he wants to see skateboards.  He did say yes!   So after hearing that we went straight to the grounds where the event is happening.  It was the Converse Asia Crown Skateboarding event.  My son responded a WOW when he saw teens and other people doing the skateboard.  He does pull me to the area where other skateboarders does their exhibitions.  I just told him that those are done by grown ups and for him it will take time before he can do that.  I just made him see things and explained to him what are those.  It's better to let Maki know things with me accompanying him.   Of course I also did my work as a blogger.  Thank goodness that we've met with his mom already.

Whew!  It's really hard to do Daddy Day Care and covering events at the same time.  Perhaps in a few weeks from now it will be much easier, prayerfully.

Third stop, SM City North EDSA!  This time it's about me winning the meet and greet with the cosplay queen, Alodia Gosiengfiao!  I thought the meet and greet were already finished so, mommy, maki and I went to have a little snack.  After that we went back to Chicken Deli to see if it's already finished.  Fortunately, it hasn't started yet.  The meet and greet was sponsored by Chicken Deli and for the info of the others today is Alodia Gosiengfiao's birthday bash that's why there's a program at the SM Cyberzone.  There were also lots of cosplayers roaming around the area.  I really wanted bring Maki along with me here and for him to have also a picture with Alodia, unfortunately, Maki got scared of the people in costume and he was really petrified.  So Mommy just took him and went somewhere else while I went to the backstage to see Alodia.  Well it's not the first time that I saw Alodia but this is the first time that I did get a picture with her and thanks to Checkin Deli.

I like cosplay but haven't done any cosplaying yet.  Maybe in the near future and perhaps together with my kids.  For now I'm a big fan of cosplaying.

Last stop, SM City Fairview!  Whew! The last mall of our tour.  What we did hear was we went to the dentist for Maki, went to Quantum to have a little fun, and lastly we attended the Earth Hour ceremony.  The Earth Hour was the last of our activity and I think my Maki still got a lot of energy that evening because he was very much attentive listening to what the Survivor participant was saying.  He was also asked by the host (which I forgot his name) of his name and what he will do to save Mother Earth.

The Earth Hour event was not much participated by other people.  Perhaps because the area where it is held is not much seen by many people.

This is our 3rd time to participate in the Earth Hour and take note we do it WITHOUT the CONDITION.

Finally home sweet home!  How about you how was your weekend?

It's Saturday

Just want to inform all the people that today is the day for the Earth Hour.  Spend an hour tonight without lights and electricity to save energy and resources, also reduce the carbon emission. 

So, if there's an activity near your community try to join and be a part of this environmental campaign. 

Friday, March 30

Friday Toys: Plush Hood & Rubic's Cube

While waiting for an event I happen to let my time pass at a video arcade.  We often do this when we're with our sons during our weekend bonding moment.  For this time I'm all by myself and I find the place really amusing because there were one game that you can actually win tokens.  Hmm... this looks good!  So I tried that game for a few minutes, just to get the hang of it.  When I finally figured it out, I'm in the game!  After a few minutes of playing I already won about a hundred pieces of tokens, that's the time I decided to roam around for something to win for my kids.  I have a hundred plus tokens to spend it anyway.

Gladly, they have also the same game that we were playing to get tickets in exchange for toys and stuff.  I fired away and was able to grab 600 plus tickets.  I did get two jackpots and some high points, good thing that their numbers to win is quite different from the other place that we usually hangout.

I got a bit tired of playing and brought the tickets to the redemption booth.  I scanned all of their toys with the amount tag this is what I got....

A plush hood for my little Malik (Gelo) and a Rubic's Cube for my eldest Maki.

The plush hood is an animal and I think it's a Lemur, not really sure but it's something like that.  Like any other materials used for the plush toys, it has the same quality, soft and it's just right for my little baby.   Though the hood is much bigger than him (Malik), still he looks cute with it.

The Rubic's Cube, well it's not the original one but I think the make of the item is some what okay and fine, especially when twisting and turning the cube.  My problem is that I need to get a video or a manual of the steps and tricks perhaps on how to put it back again.  My eldest son Maki had already twisted and turned it.  I could only make at least two side of the cube.  I really what to teach Maki with that Rubic's Cube.

So this are their new toys for now, cheap yet exciting to have and play with!  How about you what's the cheapest toy you ever had for your kids but of course it should be exciting and with purpose?

Thursday, March 29

The Earth Hour, Getting People More Concerned

Two more days and it's Earth Hour, that would be on Saturday, March 31, 2012 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM

What is the Earth Hour? For those who don't know yet what is Earth Hour, this is based on my understanding, it is an event where concerned people all over the world switches off their electricity for just an one hour. At least for this length of time carbon emissions will be reduced and few more energy will be conserved.

Perhaps let us start this call within our family, relatives, and circle of friends. A single move can make a chain reaction. Let us move without the "if" and the "but". Let us save the planet at least in this simple way without any conditions.

My family have joined the call of Earth Hour since 2010 and we've done it without any condition because that's our personal intention. To help save the planet. I even encouraged my parents as well to the call without any conditions.


Here's a brief history about Earth Hour

  1. Earth Hour started as an idea and it was initiated by one city in Sydney, Australia back in 2007 of March 31. 2.2 million people joined the one hour switched off and the result is that the one hour switched off is equivalent to removing 48,613 cars off in the roads of Sydney for one hour.
  2. Earth Hour started to be global movement in the year 2008, Philippines was the first South East Asian nation to join and pledge full support for Earth Hour. Total power saved was amount to 80MWh, an equivalent of shutting down a coal fired power plant for one hour.
  3. In 2009, Philippines became the top Earth Hour country with 647 town and cities that joined. 10 million Filipinos joined the one hour switched off and it save at least 611 megawatt of electricity, equivalent to a temporary shutdown of a dozen coal fired power plants.
  4. In 2010, Philippines got the title once more for having the top Earth Hour country, 1076 towns and cities participated.
  5. In 2011, 1661 cities and municipalities joined the Earth Hour and once more, the Philippines got the title for being the top Earth Hour country, and now called as the official Earth Hour Hero Country.
  6. Earth Hour grown to a 5251 strong global movement,reaching 1.8 billion people in 135 countries.

From 8:30pm to 9:30pm this coming 31 March, WWF-Philippines will again stage Earth Hour to inspire Filipinos to switch off their lights and dare their friends to save planet Earth.

Wednesday, March 28

Catch the iButterfly This Easter

(Updated Mechanics)
Yearly, the celebration of Easter Sunday is always followed by the Easter Egg Hunting.  It was fun and exciting for the whole family, hunting and scouring places of where the eggs might be hiding.  Since kids love hunting and finding things why not try catching the iButterfly.

iButterfly? The iButterfly, an Augmented Reality Application based technology, that will be first introduced by SM Supermalls in the Philippines will be officially launched on April 8, 2012 across all Cyberzone branches. It will be the start of SM Cyberzone’s exciting summer campaign.

To give you an overview, the iButterfly is a fun and entertaining mobile information and couponing platform that tasks its users with catching augmented reality butterflies , each representing one or more coupons. It was previously created by Japan's Mobile Art Lab and has been successfully launched in Japan, Hongkong, Indonesia, and Singapore. The iButterfly uses 3 technologies: Augmented Reality for seeing butterflies in the real world, Motion Sensors for catching butterflies using a phone and Global Positioning System (GPS) for finding butterflies at a location. It is definitely a unique and engaging way to enjoy promos and discounts with your tablet and smartphone with the Android platform, and IOS on Easter.

To join the Easter iButterfly Hunt, just follow these easy steps:
  • DOWNLOAD- Using your gadget simply connect to the internet via data connection or Wi-Fi and go to the App store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android). Download and save the iButtefly application.
  • CATCH- While connected, access the iButterfly application and start catching augmented virtual butterflies.
  • REDEEM- Claim your free items by merely following the instructions as seen on the iButterfly and present it to the participating Cyberzone stores.
More of the of the mechanics:
  1. No minimum purchase requirement.
  2. Promo period is April 08, 2012 from 11:00am to 9:00pm.
  3. How to play:
    • a. Each participant must have the iButterflyAsia application in his gadget (iPhone, smartphones, iPads and tablets with camera that is supported by iOS and Android OS (Froyo or higher version/s). The application must be downloaded in the Philippines using internet connection or via WiFi from iTunes App Store and Google Play (Google Market). The iButterflyAsia application will be available for download on April 08, 2012.
    • b. Each participant must launch the iButterflyAsia in his gadget. Internet data connection is needed while using the application. (Free WiFi available in Cyberzone and SM Mall common area)
    • c. To begin, simply register by using the iButterflyAsia application with your email address and password.
    • d. Participants can only access and see virtual butterflies if they are within Cyberzone branches. Virtual butterflies will only be deployed in specific Cyberzone branches. (Please refer to item no. 5 for list of participating SM Malls)
    • e. Participants should search for the virtual butterflies found and as seen on the screen of their gadget.
    • f. Participants simply have to catch the virtual butterflies using their iOS or Android gadget as their “butterfly net”. Participants can catch as many virtual butterflies as they can.
    • g. Each virtual butterfly caught has a corresponding message. Do exactly what the message states. Please see sample messages below:
      • g.1. You have won a Torque Bullet Pen, please proceed to the Torque Kiosk located at the Cyberzone area to claim your prize. Kindly present and show this message. Thank you.
      • g.2. You have won a CAPDASE Hand String, please proceed to any CAPDASE Authorized Store located at the Cyberzone area to claim your prize. Kindly present and show this message. Thank you.
      • g.3. You have won a Buffalo Notepad, please proceed to Octagon Store located at the Cyberzone area to claim your prize. Kindly present and show this message. Thank you.
    • h. Upon reading the message, participants have the option to “save” or “cancel” the message. Participants must “save” the message if they want to collect the prize and redeem, DO NOT PRESS the "CLICK THE REDEEM" BUTTON. Participants can “cancel” the message if they do not want to collect the prize.
    • i. If the participant wants to claim his prizes, he must proceed to the specific store or booth mentioned in the message. Winning participant must present the virtual butterfly with the message (on screen) to the Assigned Personnel of the participating store or booth to verify claim of prize/item.
    • j. Solely the Assigned Personnel of the redemption store or booth can press the word “claimed” or “redeemed” found in the screen of the gadget of the participant.
    • Participants are not allowed to press the “CLICK TO REDEEM“ button on their gadgets. SM, Cyberzone, and its partners shall not be liable if the said button was pressed before presenting it to the Assigned Personnel resulting to non-issuance of the prize.
  4. Participants can win multiple items but only one for each kind.
  5. The following are the participating SM City branches with SM Cyberzone:
    • SM City North EDSA 
    • SM City Fairview
    • SM City Manila
    • SM City Marikina
    • SM City Masinag
    • SM Megamall
    • SM Cubao Department Store
    • SM South Mall
    • SM City Bacoor
    • SM City DasmariƱas
    • SM City Calamba
    • SM City Clark
    • SM City Pampanga
    • SM City Tarlac
    • SM City Baguio
    • SM City Lucena
    • SM City Naga
    • SM City Cebu
    • SM City Bacolod
    • SM City Cagayan de Oro
    • SM City Davao
  6. Prizes are transferrable but not convertible to cash. 
It will definitely be a fun family event and an Easter to remember at SM Cyberzone where promos and discounts will fly around the malls. For more information please visit our website: and Facebook:

Joined DadTRENDS

DadTrends - Best of the Dad-O-Sphere

Just joined a community called DadTRENDS.  I'm glad that my blog Daddy Yashiro's Journal fits into the community of Dads.  Though I know I have encountered this community of Dads last year (I think), I never thought of joining because of less confidence on my works and I know that member blogs on this community are best of the Dad-o-Sphere that's I'm a bit reserve.  

Now, I do have the courage to let my works be read by different people and also being in a community of same niche will make me more progressive and competitive as well.  Competitive in a sense that I will be striving to cope up with their standards and compete with myself.   Attaining my personal goal little by little.

Monday, March 26

Monday Rush: Graduation Day! Maki is 1st Honor

I know my Mondays have always been thoughts and sentiments about my crazy rush off to work, perhaps most of it. It’s how I face the heavy traffics, the outrageous drivers (sometimes) and of course my day at work. Mondays… it sure makes every working class move like there’s no tomorrow. That’s how the week starts!

For this particular Monday, I and my family are not rushing to go to work but we’re just simply excited that our little boy has finally finished nursery. He has made it to the end of the school year and thanks to God for the blessings, health and knowledge He bestowed upon us. It’s Maki’s Nursery Graduation Day, he has completed the school days and we are very glad that he did not just finish the Nursery but finished it top of their class. It was a great and exciting Monday.

This is Malik (Gelo) who woke us up !
Though we were pretty excited and eager, our little baby, Malik (Gelo) is the one who’s really much excited to wake us up at 3 AM in the morning. Yes he woke us up with his crawling and tapping. That was truly too early! But anyway since I was awake, I did cooked and prepared some of the things that we need for the day.

Though slightly delayed on the schedule, we still manage to get into the venue a little bit early (I think) before the program starts. Parents and students were all there to witness one of the important days of their children’s school life.

While waiting for the program to start the students were roaming around and some of them were playing, especially the young ones. My son, who was the youngest achiever among the students there, knows some of the students older than him. I was really amazed to know that he was that popular, though his teacher always tells that Maki is a shy boy. What’s revealing more is that most students who knows him and consider him friend were all girls. Hmmm…

So, the program started. At last! Students and Parents are aligned together and marched through the isle then straight to their respective chairs. There was a little commotion at first because Mommies couldn’t immediately leave the Prep students but later on went well enough. The program continues and I think it was a long program, considering that there are Prep Students there. I’m not expert but kids with little span of attention should be kept in a very short program or else it will be chaotic and I think that’s what happened to the little ones. They roam around and went to their parents but at least, I think, there teacher is quite good in pacifying the kids.

The best part of the program for us is of course when our little Maki goes up to the stage. I think he went up there three times, one for their certificates as graduates, one for his medal as Best in English and one for his medal as 1st Honor. Of course Dad is the photographer and videographer so Mommy is the one who went up with him.

A proud Daddy and Mommy! Congratulations Maki!

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Sunday, March 25

Win A Year Supply of Proactiv Solution

Calling all teens, youth, yuppies, young adults and oldies but goodies!  Here's your chance to win one year supply of Proactiv Solution?  Start reading and get the whole idea here...

How to join?

Post your most creative photo-with-text to answer this question: "Why do you deserve to win Free 1 year Supply of Proactiv?" On the Proactiv Solution Facebook fanpage at

Proactiv Solution Philippines will chose the best response on the basis of the following criteria:
  • Enthusiasm - 50% (demonstrates that you truly, deeply, urgently love and want Proactiv!)
  • Creativity - 25% (your answer is fun, engaging, and not boring!)
  • Impact - 25% (quality of response from the fan page community on your answer)
The winner will receive 6 packs of Proactiv 60-day kit for a full 1 year supply!

Promo Duration: March 16 to March 31, 2012

Announcement of Winner: April 3, 2012

By the way I did join the contest and you can get an idea from My Proactiv FB Entry.

I deserve to win Free 1 year Supply of Proactive because I want to make myself look younger and fell fresher even though I face a lot of problems in life. It's really overwhelming when people thought of younger than your real age.

So, you still have a few more days to get that picture uploaded and join the contest.  Hurry and join now!

Saturday, March 24

Daddy Day Care : Recognition Day

Hay!  It's just those times that when you thought that all the openings of the heaven have been shut off   but then you'll think again because everyday is not fun day and sufferings are not everyday.  There are just a time for everything it just all falls down according to His plan.

Today is one of the happy days and great blessings God has given to us.  Though we're not expecting it but God sure made it's way for us.  Our son, Maki, did get a lot of ribbons and recognition this day.  He was given five ribbons namely, Most Kind, Most Honest, Most Responsible, Most Industrious, and Most Punctual.  He was also given a recognition of being Best in English and the best news was that he'll be awarded as the Top student of their Nursery Class.  The medal was not yet given today but will be given during the commencement exercise of the school on Monday, March 26, 2012.   Because of that we really did make our leaves from work just to witness the very first achievement of our eldest son.    So we'll be ready for that on Monday.

God really knows what to give and our sons are some of the greatest gifts that He has provided.  We are very proud of our eldest son.

Of course the Monday activity and Maki's achievement calls for a celebration and thank God that he had already provided that, thanks to McDonald's for providing that coupons which we will be using on Monday and some additional foods that doesn't cost that much, perhaps.

Since it's the Graduation Month already, I think it's about time to extend congratulations to all the students who will be graduating this year.  I know how hard it is to study and I'm sure your parents are very proud of you.  KUDOS to ALL THE GRADUATES!


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