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Saturday, March 31

Daddy Day Care: Mall Tour With Maki

Mall tour?!  Nah! It's not the mall tour that you usually hear with the stars.  We're not that popular to get a mall tour with their fans waving but we actually did a mall tour, a tour of different malls in the metro.  Yup we did a tour of four different malls in the metro.  Since it's Saturday and as most of you already know that it's Daddy Day Care time and we don't have a nanny anymore so I tag along my kid with extra blogging gigs, besides I wanted my son to get exposed more on travelling to reduce his dizziness when having long hours of travel.

First stop, SM City Sta. Mesa!  We arrived at SM City Sta. Mesa right before lunch time and Maki was jumping with joy when we entered the mall.  Why? It's because Jollibee was there!  Of all the mascot's Jollibee is the mascot that Maki is not afraid off or should I say he has overcome with.  He do the high five with Jollibee and of course Maki got a snapshot with it too.

SM Sta. Mesa got a pay day sale today 'til Sunday.  As we all know people always look forward for that mid and end of the month where the working class get their hard earned money and because of that most establishments like SM Cita Sta. Mesa offers the best buys for these people.  To give worth of what they have earned.  We did roam around and tried to look for something, of course it will be for Maki and his little brother Malik (Gelo).  As we were strolling some portions of the mall were closed for renovation, perhaps they'll be making something more features and exciting stores for the masses.   Anyway we'll look forward to that and for the meantime we'll just have to bear with what's available.

Since it was lunch time already I ask my son to where we wants to eat and of course and since he bumped into Jollibee earlier he asks for Jollibee.  Good thing that he chose that because we're on a tight budget.  Hehehe!  Oh, by the way he also asked for a juice when we went to the food court and take note it's a calamansi juice.  Healthy!

Second stop, Trinoma!  From SM City Sta. Mesa we head on to Trinoma!  Maki did fell asleep on the jeep but was wide awake when ride the train.  Pretty nice that the crowd is lesser during that time.  A guy offered his seat for us and I let Maki set and instructed him to hold on the bars.

The event in Trinoma was all about skateboards and I did asked my son if he wants to see skateboards.  He did say yes!   So after hearing that we went straight to the grounds where the event is happening.  It was the Converse Asia Crown Skateboarding event.  My son responded a WOW when he saw teens and other people doing the skateboard.  He does pull me to the area where other skateboarders does their exhibitions.  I just told him that those are done by grown ups and for him it will take time before he can do that.  I just made him see things and explained to him what are those.  It's better to let Maki know things with me accompanying him.   Of course I also did my work as a blogger.  Thank goodness that we've met with his mom already.

Whew!  It's really hard to do Daddy Day Care and covering events at the same time.  Perhaps in a few weeks from now it will be much easier, prayerfully.

Third stop, SM City North EDSA!  This time it's about me winning the meet and greet with the cosplay queen, Alodia Gosiengfiao!  I thought the meet and greet were already finished so, mommy, maki and I went to have a little snack.  After that we went back to Chicken Deli to see if it's already finished.  Fortunately, it hasn't started yet.  The meet and greet was sponsored by Chicken Deli and for the info of the others today is Alodia Gosiengfiao's birthday bash that's why there's a program at the SM Cyberzone.  There were also lots of cosplayers roaming around the area.  I really wanted bring Maki along with me here and for him to have also a picture with Alodia, unfortunately, Maki got scared of the people in costume and he was really petrified.  So Mommy just took him and went somewhere else while I went to the backstage to see Alodia.  Well it's not the first time that I saw Alodia but this is the first time that I did get a picture with her and thanks to Checkin Deli.

I like cosplay but haven't done any cosplaying yet.  Maybe in the near future and perhaps together with my kids.  For now I'm a big fan of cosplaying.

Last stop, SM City Fairview!  Whew! The last mall of our tour.  What we did hear was we went to the dentist for Maki, went to Quantum to have a little fun, and lastly we attended the Earth Hour ceremony.  The Earth Hour was the last of our activity and I think my Maki still got a lot of energy that evening because he was very much attentive listening to what the Survivor participant was saying.  He was also asked by the host (which I forgot his name) of his name and what he will do to save Mother Earth.

The Earth Hour event was not much participated by other people.  Perhaps because the area where it is held is not much seen by many people.

This is our 3rd time to participate in the Earth Hour and take note we do it WITHOUT the CONDITION.

Finally home sweet home!  How about you how was your weekend?
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