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Monday, March 19

Daddy Day Care: A Treat For Maki

Well, this post is supposed to be up Saturday night but unfortunately Daddy Yashiro were very busy and ended all his scheduled events dawn of Sunday.  Whew!  That was really a very long day!

Okay enough with excuses, time for our Daddy Day Care story.

Saturday morning, after knowing that kids will be allowed on both of our morning and afternoon events, we did get ready for the travel, of course we did coordinate with the organizer that we'll be including our son.  Sorry for my youngest that he has to stay home with his grandparents and aunts.

This will be our treat for our eldest son, Maki, for being the top student of his class.  My wife and I were very thrilled when we've heard the news that Maki will be receiving a recognition as top of his class.  This is the reward for his achievement, after all the events are inline with kids.

First stop was the food event where they introduced their new line of beverages just in time for summer.  Our son did have a great time tasting all those new flavors.  He liked the three flavors very much.  Of course lunch was also served since it's almost lunch when we get there.

After that food event, since we still have enough time to roam around, we decided to bring Maki into the gallery area of SM Megamall and let him enjoy looking at the paintings and other art materials there.

Few hours before our next event, we traveled to our next event through the MRT and as usual Maki enjoyed riding the train.

Last stop for the day was the film showing of The Lorax in IMAX at SM City North EDSA.  Thanks to Sam of Greenbulb and to the people of Climate Change Commission that my was able to watch the Video Ad regarding Renewable Energy and the movie of The Lorax which talks about saving the environment.   Also this is their first time to watch a movie in IMAX.  My wife also told me that Maki responded to the 3D movie.  Maki told my wife "Mommy why is it that they moving close to me?".  There also one instance that the fruits are falling and Maki reached out his hands to catch the falling fruits.  They both enjoyed it very much.

That completes the day!  Our treat for our son, Maki!  Congrats for being number 1 in your class!

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