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Wednesday, March 21

Father and Son Weekend At Chicken Deli

It was Sunday afternoon and Dad needs to do the grocery thing together with my son, Maki.  My son and I often do this together if there's no one to take care of Gelo (we'll be changing his nickname to Malik), so Mommy will have to stay in house and take care of Malik.

So we went off to SM City North EDSA to do some grocery.  Though Mommy provided the list of things to buy still it's hard to decide if some of listed items are not need.  We end up deciding which one to buy.  Hay!  It's really hard to do that grocery thing if you're not familiar with the place, so it took us a little bit longer.  When we came out it's almost near dusk.  Since we haven't got our afternoon snack and I know Maki is already hungry.  So we decided to head on to a place somewhat closer to our roots.  We went to Chicken Deli, the place that offers chicken inasal.  Yes, we do have an Ilonggo blood.

Though the chicken inasal wasn't introduce by my father still we were able to taste it and have a distinction from a simple grilled chicken.  It's not the usual taste of grilled chicken but the flavor that made it something extraordinary.   Chicken Deli provides that experience, especially when eating with your love ones.   It's from our roots that's why we LIKE Chicken Deli that much!  It's like connecting from our roots in Bacolod.

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