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Wednesday, March 28

Joined DadTRENDS

DadTrends - Best of the Dad-O-Sphere

Just joined a community called DadTRENDS.  I'm glad that my blog Daddy Yashiro's Journal fits into the community of Dads.  Though I know I have encountered this community of Dads last year (I think), I never thought of joining because of less confidence on my works and I know that member blogs on this community are best of the Dad-o-Sphere that's I'm a bit reserve.  

Now, I do have the courage to let my works be read by different people and also being in a community of same niche will make me more progressive and competitive as well.  Competitive in a sense that I will be striving to cope up with their standards and compete with myself.   Attaining my personal goal little by little.

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