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Monday, March 26

Monday Rush: Graduation Day! Maki is 1st Honor

I know my Mondays have always been thoughts and sentiments about my crazy rush off to work, perhaps most of it. It’s how I face the heavy traffics, the outrageous drivers (sometimes) and of course my day at work. Mondays… it sure makes every working class move like there’s no tomorrow. That’s how the week starts!

For this particular Monday, I and my family are not rushing to go to work but we’re just simply excited that our little boy has finally finished nursery. He has made it to the end of the school year and thanks to God for the blessings, health and knowledge He bestowed upon us. It’s Maki’s Nursery Graduation Day, he has completed the school days and we are very glad that he did not just finish the Nursery but finished it top of their class. It was a great and exciting Monday.

This is Malik (Gelo) who woke us up !
Though we were pretty excited and eager, our little baby, Malik (Gelo) is the one who’s really much excited to wake us up at 3 AM in the morning. Yes he woke us up with his crawling and tapping. That was truly too early! But anyway since I was awake, I did cooked and prepared some of the things that we need for the day.

Though slightly delayed on the schedule, we still manage to get into the venue a little bit early (I think) before the program starts. Parents and students were all there to witness one of the important days of their children’s school life.

While waiting for the program to start the students were roaming around and some of them were playing, especially the young ones. My son, who was the youngest achiever among the students there, knows some of the students older than him. I was really amazed to know that he was that popular, though his teacher always tells that Maki is a shy boy. What’s revealing more is that most students who knows him and consider him friend were all girls. Hmmm…

So, the program started. At last! Students and Parents are aligned together and marched through the isle then straight to their respective chairs. There was a little commotion at first because Mommies couldn’t immediately leave the Prep students but later on went well enough. The program continues and I think it was a long program, considering that there are Prep Students there. I’m not expert but kids with little span of attention should be kept in a very short program or else it will be chaotic and I think that’s what happened to the little ones. They roam around and went to their parents but at least, I think, there teacher is quite good in pacifying the kids.

The best part of the program for us is of course when our little Maki goes up to the stage. I think he went up there three times, one for their certificates as graduates, one for his medal as Best in English and one for his medal as 1st Honor. Of course Dad is the photographer and videographer so Mommy is the one who went up with him.

A proud Daddy and Mommy! Congratulations Maki!
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