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Monday, March 19

Monday Rush: The MRT Rush

My MRT rush experience was a week ago already but I would still want to share my experience.  I think it was my first time to experience that Monday rush in MRT after two years perhaps.  Not quite sure about it.

Though I usually experience the hassle of riding the MRT during weekdays and especially morning, that specific day is quite unusual for me.  That was the first time I experienced falling in line a few meters before the stairs of the MRT Station.  People were already there and I think there were about four or five lines already, moving step by step.  It's really crowded.  I think they should do something about it.

Since I was in a hurry during that time and hoping that the traffic on EDSA would be okay since most of the people are already riding the train, I decided to get on a bus.  Then just a few blocks away then viola!  The heavy traffic just flash into my face.  I was thinking really hard on what to do.  I don't want to be late on my appointment.  Deciding on which route to take with this kind of situation is really annoying.  So when I'm near the next MRT station, I jump off the bus and went to station, good thing there were not much people yet there.

Though I was able to get inside pretty quickly, the lines is still long, so I have to endure the waiting and standing.  Good thing that people were already aligned and organized.  Now, the only problem is the frequency of the trains coming and the volume of people riding the train.  It seems that they couldn't keep up with the number of commuters, mostly during Mondays when everyone is rushing to go to their respective workplace.

When I'm quite near and ready to get board on the train people were really trying and squeezing really hard just to get in.  It was like an over-packed clothes in a luggage.  You couldn't move much and you couldn't even scratch your nose if it's itchy.  It's a clash of commuters during Mondays.

I did get to my appointment a few minutes late but good thing everyone wasn't there yet.  I just said to my good vibes on Monday!
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