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Wednesday, March 14

PAREF Woodrose School's Mentoring Approach

School is considered as the second home for children. It is a place where children get to learn different things, thoughts, and ideas. This is where their imagination flows and their creativity rises. This is where they strive for excellence and this is where everything starts, most of it. About one fourth of their lives are spent in this place. This is their second home.

PAREF Woodrose School provides a different approach in learning not in academic but in life as well. Woodrose is an educational institution where academic excellence and personal formation are achieved through close collaboration between the school and the home.

What ignites my curiosity aside from their curriculum is their Mentoring System. Ms. Kathleen Pineda provided us a brief about their approach, Life Coaching through Mentoring. It is a personalized educational tool. According to Ms. Pineda’s definition in the presentation, the mentor is a life coach or a mature friend. Also, on my understanding based on the presentation, mentors does not replace the parents but basically offers a genuine friendship to the mentees in order to confide simple anything. Another thing that I like is that the mentors coordinates and chats with the parents to come up with pointers or matters for the daughter.

There were also a video recording of the parents, Mr. Ramon and Cristina Pineda, explaining their experiences with their daughter at Woodrose. According to the parents they “Saw a difference”. I even get a chance to have more chat with the parent, Cristina Pineda about how she raised her daughter and son as a full time mom.

Afterwards it was Luisa Pineda’s turn to speak as the student of Woodrose and also as the Most Outstanding Student of Muntinlupa 2012. She mentioned that she was lucky to have mentors who give their insights and other perspective in life. She even disclosed that her mentor stresses her to have a balance.  I think she was referring to her academic and school activities.

Another insight about Woodrose School came from Ms. Leah Puyat who was an alumna. She says that “all the things in her life are because of Woodrose” and “she felt her worth”, an indeed word of satisfaction.

It was also further elaborated by Ms. Elinor Dioko about the mentoring system for she has been a mentor for 17 years already. How the system works and about her experiences being a mentor for that span of time.

Education is the number one reason why most parents push their children to school. We, parents, wanted the best for them and choosing the right school can really be tormenting, especially if the financial resources are not that good.

Personally, there are three factors that I (of course with my wife), as a parent, consider when choosing the school for my children, the method of education or approach, the proximity of the school from our house, and the cost of education. At least two of these factors should be met before we consider the school.

Surprisingly and I think I will consider the thought of two out of three to bring it down to one after having heard about the educational approach of PAREF Woodrose School. Yes, I know it’s a school for girls but who knows, God might give us a princess and at least I’ve learned this one. Also I did ask if there’s a counterpart for boys.

Explaining much of the details will take very long, so if I catch your interest you can simply visit their site at and have a look on details of their program and the school itself.  Also if you, parents, want to enroll your daughter here's the requirements and the admission procedure.

1. Submission of all required documents
  • Accomplished Parents' Information Sheet
  • NSO Certified Parents' Marriage Contract *
  • NSO Certified Student's Birth Certificate *
  • Original and photocopy of Student's Baptismal Certificate
  • Report Card
  • 2 x 2 pictures (2 copies)
  • Recommendation form accomplished by the Guidance and Testing Office of the previous school
  • Recommendation form accomplished by the Class Adviser and Registrar of the previous school
* For foreign documents, Original and Photocopy of the Marriage Contract of the Parents / Original and Photocopy of the Student’s Birth Certificate. Original Documents will be returned to the Parents.

2. Parental Attendance at the Orientation for Parents

3. Interviews and Testing
  • Parents are interviewed by a PAREF representative
  • Student takes an assessment test
  • Student is interviewed by the Level Coordinator
4. It is following this procedure that a Letter of Notice is prepared and mailed to the parents

For more information, please contact the School Registrar, Mrs. Rose Dumlao at 850-6380 to 83 local 111.
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