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Saturday, March 24

Parents Beware and Take Good Care of Your Kids

This week there was a photo roaming around the world wide web of social networking site.  I think this has been viral and most of the people who shared the picture were parents.  Yes, most of them are parents because the picture being shared is actually the picture of a person who tries to kidnap a child by making alibis to the Nanny of the child.  Good thing that the Nanny were pretty smart that she didn't actually fall for the trick of the alleged kidnapper.

Here's the link to the picture of the alleged kidnapper PICTURE.

You can visit this link BEWARE OF KIDNAPPERS to read the full story.

I'm a Dad, and I don't want my kids to be nabbed by this guy for their illegal acts that's why I'm sharing this to let Parents be aware of what's going on.  You can also read some of the post others who witnessed almost the same situation and kid was almost dragged.

Share the story and be careful when going out to malls and public places.
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