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Thursday, March 15

The Picture Board

Today, there are many things that I wanted to do.  Not only for my family but also for myself.  I want to see my kids in their own room with enough space for their bed and other stuff.  I want to watch my wife cook in a very high tech kitchen.  I want to watch with them in a living room with a nice surround sound entertainment system, of course while eating popcorn and healthy chips.  I want to have my own car and my very own collection of motorbikes, boys will always be boys and big bikes are one of the toys.

Reality check, not any of those are present in our house.  We got a small house where the living room, kitchen, dining area, and bed room are squeezed in together.  That's our house and we call it our home.  As long as we believe and claim that God will provide it everything will just flow, but of course in God's will and time.

I remember a few years ago that I have made a board with pictures of the things that I want to have and accomplished.  Quite weird but that's how I picture everything to come true and of course prayer is the number one factor in it.  In God's time two of which where already accomplished.

Now that we're four in the family I wanted to recreate that picture board and post it again on our wall to remind us of what we are aiming for.

I'm praying and will continue to pray for that to happen.   In God's name!

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