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Sunday, April 1

Earth Hour 2012

This is the first time that we did the Earth Hour in a mall.  My wife got an invite from one of the malls in the metro and was invited to cover the said event.  Gladly, we accepted it and made it to the event since it is about the Earth Hour and it's about saving Mother Earth.  Even though we weren't invited we would still do it in our house and I find it more solemn to do it with your family.

They made a program for the audience and also made a simple ceremony by counting down before they turn off the light in which I don't really appreciate it much because it's like having a white turning into gray rather than white turning to black.  Well perhaps my notion of the Earth Hour is quite different.

Though I'm a supporter of Earth Hour, I'm not a big fan of their campaign this year.  Sorry for everyone but this is my opinion and this is what I thought of it.  The I WILL if YOU WILL campaign actually not a good call.  You will do things because there's a condition, then what happens if the condition has not met?  What will happen to the call?  It only proves that we're not really concerns.

Other environmental organization does their call without the condition.  Most of them are volunteers and they do their tasks and work wholeheartedly because they want to make a change and saving the environment is the change that they want.  How do people reacts if they saw a person throws a piece of candy wrapper on the street?  Well, I'm pretty much sure there are none but if you're really concerned with the environment a simple explanation and information to the person will do so that next time they won't do that, hopefully.

Perhaps next year the WWF who initiated the Earth Hour will have the campaign I WILL! No conditions just a plain expression of support and concern with the environment.

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