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Friday, April 13

Groove That Lawn with Scotts Snap Spreader System

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts® for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


For me, having a house with a lawn is really great and nice to look at.  Lawn is like a balancer and illuminator for the look of the house.  They make it more jolly and fun and besides its better to be greener and environmental.  Well, that’s my dream house!

Few houses in the city do have their lawns and unfortunately we’re not one of those few.  As much as possible the houses are built to occupy bigger space and less on greener looks.  That’s city living!

Still, we’re fortunate to have relatives in the province where we can spend some time, most importantly, during summer vacation and gladly they do have lawns where kids can roll and play anytime.  But of course that happens only at the time where the lawns, trees, and everything around are much greener.

Yes, lawns do need to be taken care of to be greener than their usual healthy look.  They need to be feed up with nutrients, fertilizers and other things that they need but doing it manually will take some time to finish, especially if you have a very big area.  Gladly, there’s Scotts® Snap® Spreader System to help lawn owners and keepers get their tasks done as quickly as possible.  The snap spreader system makes it easier to feed the grass with fertilizers evenly and it is mess-free. 

So, how does this works?  Well, Scotts Snap Spreader System is exclusively for use of Scotts Snap Pac.  It has an EdgeGuard Feature that directs the product only where it is needed, on the lawn. 

  1. The Snap-Pac connects directly to the Snap Spreader. 
  2. After connecting the Snap-Pac to the spreader, flip the lever to lock Snap-Pac into place.
  3. The Snap-Pac automatically sets the proper application rate so that the lawn will get the just amount it needs to thrive.
  4. When done feeding, the Snap-Pac self-seals upon removal for easy cleanup and storage.

Pretty much simple and easy to use and store!  So if you’re planning to get that lawn in the groove for the summer just get yourself a Scotts Snap-Pacs and Snap Spreader System. 

If you want to know more about the product simply visit Scotts Snap Spreader System or you might as well visit their page for that Snap perks on Facebook and also for some of the promotions and contests as well.


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