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Tuesday, May 22

Lights in the Baby's Room

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When I was still a bachelor, sleeping in my room is really great because I can stay to bed till sunrise. Lights are off and I can surely sleep more than eight hours. That's my life before.

Now that I'm a father slacking on bed is not good. I can really now understand that parents sure does make a big sacrifice, especially with their time of sleeps. We, parents, should always monitor our babies and having a deep sleep is something that we don't achieve much. We don't want something to happen to our kids when we are sleeping.

With that most parents always leave the lights on or makes a small lamp shade for them to monitor and look at their babies. Like us and since we sleep together with our kids we doesn't turn off the light in our room, so that we can easily see if anything is wrong with our kids. It helps a lot, mostly during days that they are not feeling well.

For some, who does have enough budget, they can make their rooms looks elegant and functional at the same time. That's as simple as that. They can really choose a good modern designer lighting to match up the theme of their houses and of course each rooms perhaps. For those who are not gifted enough to purchase that kind of items there are stll some that can be functional and with in the reach of their budget. Parents do really need to invest on this one to address any possible issue to come.

Lights in the house can really make a big difference. Of course we do also need to make it as earth-friendly as possible to at least reduce any carbon emmission that we release.
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