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Tuesday, May 22

Out On Sea Explorers World

It's rare that my sons see something different and I think they have enjoyed our stroll at the mall.

My family went to the mall days before Gelo's baptism and birthday.  We went there to shop some clothes for Gelo for his big day.  Aside from shopping we also did visit the exhibit of different sea creatures along the catwalk of the Skygarden.   They call it the Sea Explorers World.  That's their theme for this summer duration.  I remember last year they a Safari thing.

Animal figures are only replica of the creatures which is made the same material used for plush toys.

My kids really love looking at them and of course posing for their shot with those creatures at the background.

Unfortunately, the SM personnel were rearranging some of the exhibits that's why my kids got only few pics with the animals.

I think their exhibit will run until the end of May 2012, so kids can still have some time to have a look at them and learn facts about the sea creatures.
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